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New Paper Big Walk 2006

Nice view of the CBD U-turn @ Fullerton

Though always heard so much hype about the NewPaper BigWalk this year is actually my first time officially partcipating in the event as a registered walker. & yes in case you are wondering, you can gate crash & join in the walk anytime, just that you don’t get the event shirt, goodie bag & all the freebies which goes with it.

Was there unexpectedly 1st at 6.45am only to feed 13 mosquitoes at our meeting point – The People’s Association front gate. Coach was there & so was a good attendance from the track team, about 30+, together with our seniors Ahlong & David. I guess being 10km runners, a 10km walk can be said to be quite an ordeal for us – preferring to run & get it over with that is! But nevertheless we walked all the way, often getting separated from our main walking group because of the crowd. Some came in slippers & brought shoes, but later did we found out that neither do any of them even have to change to shoes to complete. The route brought us from the National Stadium (start point) to Kallang carpark over the Merdeka bridge towards Nicol highway, going straight & U-turning at One – Fullerton. There were some Ice-cream points where we stopped to chowed on a particular instance. Heard the route will be different next year due to the re-building of the national stadium.

The Walking Trio
The Walking Trio
Group Shot!
Where’s the rest?
& man was it crowded at the stadium
The Finish

Besides the all expected copy of The New Paper for the day, shining from all the other junk in goodie bag was a free Macdonalds Sundae coupon! whee!

The other highlight (Big Walk Part 2) was walking over 5km+ over to a coffee shop near the old Kallang hawker center for Lunch. For $3.50 I’ve got a plate of Mee Goreng + A Prata Egg, the most value for money option given the same prices for chicken rice + little extra chicken & rice or hot bowl mee pok dry which most had. Had a good talk with the juniors & interestingly learnt that one of them was from the 02 batch, same age as me, haha. But he kinda “retained” due to a recovery from a bad bike accident years before.

Darius so wanted to expend his free GV movie ticket & phys-coed Elrick & Addison to catch the Da-Vinci code with him, nevertheless everyone was too tried to do so (amazingly from the walk to lunch & not the actual event itself) & alighted at cityhall to take a tube home. Carried on service 16 home to catch up on projects & work, not rest for me I guess, tomorrow being another school day.

Got an intel from Alex about the Running Labs member’s sale up to 50% off off-season & 20% off on-season products, cool!

Millege for the week
Tuesday – Track Training 2.5km + 0.5km (excluding 1.2km for warmup)
Wednesday – Gym 3sets weights + 5.1km threadmill
Friday – Track Training 2.5 + 1km (excluding 1.2km for warmup)
Saturday – 11.2km (11 rounds tiong bahru park)
Sunday – 10km Big Walk

Total for the week – 32.8km


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