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Maju IPPT on the 2nd day of 2008

My 2007 IPPT in 2008, Sliver.. well at least not a pass!

Cleared my 2007 IPPT window period today. Glad I didn’t get that pass with incentive like what I’ve got my previous year. Not that I’ve actually taken IPPT at other camps or even the Safra gyms, but I come to appreciate the route at Maju as well. I always like doing my IPPT in there, the running route there is very much better and flat.

Good thing it didn’t rain today, recalling my last 2 desperate visits the previous year being always pouring with rain and last minute cancellations of the 2.4km run, but not this time round.

As usual, the station which always pulls my result back will have to be my standing board jump, the only one with 3 points. I did one jump in Mizuno wave creation 8, giving 221cm, but other 2nd jump in my Asics DS trainer gave that additional few centimeters to secure my silver at 225cm, besides haivng double the incentive just like my active days. This goes to show how shoe length can play is shaving off the cms, in my case wear smaller light weight racers and switch back to your larger cushioning shoe for the remaining stations.

I am still surprised how did I jumped so low today, 230+ was not a problem for me before, strange. It may be borged, but I won’t blame the electronic IPPT machine for giving my such low scores, after all a bad carpenter blame his tools.

I like to always talk about and emphasize that, standing board jump is all about technique and nothing much on muscles explosiveness, despite what it’s defined technically to test. Actually knowing the right way to launching positions your feet on the landing have up to 70-80% more effect than muscular strength, which the average physically fit person will have more than enough of. The best way to train to to keep jumping. Generally I do that midway my long runs in the park, so your body will get it’s locomotion and sync more adapted when you need too, contrary to doing it only once a year for many…

Mmmm Silver, come to think about it, I will still get a silver even if I get 5 points for all stations, as a timing of 9:45 and below is required for Gold in the army. Getting Gold for your napfa in school at the same standard will only give you a Silver in the army!

And now to restart the counter for the new year!

Running Mileage for the week
Maju Camp IPPT: 2.4 km – Wednesday
Total Mileage for week: 2.4km
Total 2008 Accumulative Mileage: 2.4km


  1. Sbj really tests explosive strength mainly, and ofcuz physical stature (but let’s not get into that we can’t change our build). If your technique was that bad you would have improved a lot since your 07 ippt since you kept practising jumps, which you obv didn’t. You will do well once you can full squat twice your bodyweight (140kg if you weigh 70kg). You know why american football players jump 3m+ easily, well other than being tall, they have tremendous strength, built up in the gym over the years.


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