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Kicked out of Poly 50 Team 2, now I am in Team 3

Well despite looking forward into running for Track and Field team 2 this year to prove to the sports club that Team 2 is a force to recon with, not to mention break the disqualification curse (which seems to run almost every year 2 years ago). Things got a blow which I removed from Team 2 today, why?

Things started out having a need for helpers, particularly experienced members to be a helpers which is actually a critical administrative and race coordination part into deciding and securing a team’s running chance for pole position (Our Track and field sending in 3 Teams). I was a likely candidate for that, considering that I was the Team 2 race captain for last year’s race, so I know the race mechanics inside out.

Furthermore, I had not been training specifically for the coming event and there was no confirmation that our seniors can come down and help us out, so my priority was to cover the admin aspect which I am needed most at the expense of my want of running. Till we got the green light that they will be helping us out.

So that leaves me free to run this year, but the last slot of my intended Track and Field team 2 was open but with one place left and 2 other juniors going for the last place as well. There was a trail (200m dash+200m recovery jog) x 20 continuous farleague rounds today for training to see who’s able to secure the positions before the last day of registration submission, tomorrow.

Here are the results:
Runner A– completed whole 20 rds point with team captain constant timings.
Runner B– dropped out at 15th rd, but continued 16th on runner A’s 20th rd, didn’t finish.
Runner C– dropped out at 13th rd, didn’t finish.

After training, the club captain opened the decision for the last place based on votes casted by us 3 (Runner A, B and C) based on today’s performance. The club captain did not monitor our training having trained with his own team as well, so it’s up to us to decide based on integrity on today’s run. We can vote either 3, including ourselves. Runner A do not know runner C, but know B as an acquaintance, both Runner B & C are good friends). Yes I am Runner A.

We will vote for themselves? It’s like Bush voting himself for elections because he feels he’s better than Algore. So I voted for the next best runner, Runner B. Runner B who felt embarrassed about that voted runner A, as he felt that runner A was the only one who completed the whole trail and deserved the place. Runner C who had nothing to lose and possibility intimidated by Runner A’s choice, voted for his friend Runner B.

Runner B gets the place winning 2-1 votes in Team 2 while Runner A gets to run for Team 3 or be a helper, together with Runner C.

So if that’s the case why is there a need for the far league today if the decision is purely based on biased votes which we will definitely know? I mean given a choice between your friend and stranger logically you will choose your close friend right?

One argument possibility for the Club captain is that I might not be training regularly for speed events, sticking to my usual training of long runs instead, but if so Runner A still completed the whole test, point and even with the newly appointed team 2 captain. On the other hand, besides given the favoritism fact and preference towards people who attend regular track training, Runner A is clearly the better candidate.

But I guess I won’t let that disappointment bring any problems into my current team 3, which I belong now, which makes up of mostly junior runners (which I also need to get to know all over) at least the captain is more welcoming.

Evil me, but at least I won’t be bothered about team 2’s curse if they get disqualified again this year, now I am hoping things will just take it’s toll as it’s intended to be with no intended additional measures. The thought of it just dampens your spirit to contribute. And hey who ever says life is fair right? Its just like a domino effect of passing the favor over- and it all just starts with what you first receive.

and yes… yes… we will just see how things go from there right?


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