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IVP 10000m event

IVP 10000m

Completed the 10000m event today in 47mins, way off my target of 40mins, maybe because its a rather mental event having to run 25 rounds round the standard 400m track. The last runner finished in +7mins & man did the whole grandstand cheered on for him Though this is a 10th position timing, its a good exposure for me as a 1st time on the competitive IVP field (so as coach wanted it to be). Furthermore, I get the “bragging/picking rights” after beating Pohfong, my track & field senior’s timing of 54mins in last year’s 10000m IVP. Bwwrhahaha evil me! On top of the 2 events today (other being the 3000m womens), SP also bagged a gold medal from our pole vaulters. I guess today’s competition is a true reflection of sportsmanship, not only by competitors but from the individual runners themselves. Living by the olympic creed, let me take sometime to admire it again:

“The most important thing in the Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

— the Olympic creed, Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Would be burning in my new Asics DS-Trainer XI tomorrow with a 5km run around SP, in turn retiring my old DS-Trainer 7 as a competition & training shoe with a mileage of 800km.

I’ve never stepped into the deep areas of NYP before but dude it is indeed at very nice place, there is even a 20m fountain at the entrance, a very professional campus layout, not to mention a very integrated design. They even have CCTV screens at lift landings feeding live feed from cameras in the lifts? Funny…. Only they don’t have air-conditioned foodcourts (that of I know of). I guess we can’t demand much for nice infrastructure in SP, considering it a price to pay for being the oldest polytechnic, with very segmented blocks added over & linked over the years. Unlike a planned integrated one NYP has.


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