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Got my Phiten Rakuwa x30 and x45 at a bargain!

phiten necklace bargain!

Its time of the year again and Christmas is around the corner. Thank god I’ve managed to get all those gifts, chocolate and greeting cards sent already, so I can very much relax for the week towards Christmas and manage a blog entry here as well, man it had been ages!

Some of my little indulges I made before Christmas will have to be this revolutionary sports bands a few of my track mates recommended me to use. Based on what they claim, it genuinely help in the aiding of muscle recovery and blood circulation to injured areas through a titanium ion resonance theory which originated from Japan. So what other better way than to pamper myself than to get few myself to try out. Lol, even if all those health benefits claims are bullshit, after all these necklaces look damn freaking sleek by themselves as a fashion accessory.

These bands are cool man, it’s like a must have for any runner out there. The thing is that though Phiten have their branches here in Singapore, namely their boutiques in Changi General Hospital, Marina Square as well as Taka, the price of these babies is a major turn off for me, about $60 to $70 each for the high end X30 to X45 ranges. I’ve got my Rakuwa X30 Red checkered (a rather rare colour) as well as the limited X45 black necklace ordered through a store on Ebay (thanks for the tip Elrick!) at only half the price you can get them in Singapore including shipping! One week later it was delivered straight to my door step! Whoa! It’s the real deal, made in Japan and shipped from Hong Kong (that’s a hint for ya).

Man! I know buying books off Amazon is cheap, but these at half price woot!


    • Hey elrick, mm there is no noticeable difference between the x45 and x30, I believe it is so as you can’t actually “feel” the difference unless there is a realiable way to measure each of the band’s claimed strengths.

      Both feels the same, the X45 looks cooler and more expensive though, the x30 band looks more rugged.

    • Hi surfboard. For starters, the packaging plays a very big role- spelling errors, misalignment from the original boxes. Then there is the built quality of the band itself- Whether the band has nice and tight clear inter wooven threads on the body itself. The band texture is consistent is smooth throughout and the buckle is not loose/etc, snaps tight and of high quality, etc you can tell.

      I remembered seeing a store selling these bands at the Singapore sports expo, but they are packed in plain ziplock bags and not in the original packaging, maybe these are the ones you should look out against, strangely they are still going at the high price as in the Singapore boutiques.

      This stuff is made in Japan, so you can expect a very good build for the product. With the exception of not being able to understand any of the instructions on it!

    • Hi cole, for starters, you can try searching “phiten X30” or “X45” on ebay. I won’t state the merchant which I brought it from, but I believe from there you will be able to find the deals on the click.

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