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Found the case to my runner’s diarrhea (Runner’s trot)

Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006 - Shaun

No that’s not a picture of me shitting in my pants, but had abit of the runner’s trot yesterday (therefore the article in my previous blog entry). Now I finally come to realize that my previous past sudden flatulence and diarrhea problems which strangely always comes and go occasionally or every 3 months or so, was due to the wrong diet pre and prior my long runs, particularly eating Papayas in my case (your case may be different from mine, some can’t drink milk for instance).

If people say runner’s are farter, it’s quite partially true. It’s also true that long distance runners have one of the most healthy gastrointestinal tracts in society, which encourages the healthy movement of bowels, but if we over do it everything will just wanna flow out, fast!

If I knew that earlier I wouldn’t have gone to SGH like what I did earlier this year only to be suspected of a bad case of diarrhea only to be suspected bladder stones only to be suspected of kidney problems and be referred to the urology department only to find out that there is completely nothing wrong with me- only after few hundreds of wasted dollars, few yucky urine tests, few X-rays and 2 CT scans, I think I am green and have radioactive gamma vision now.

Well, at least they did had a top to toe checkup, including a full investigation of what’s inside me, not to mention me personally ooglling at how interesting my innards look like on a CT scan (it’s like a work of art, only more real). The Docs said I am more than ok to take on a marathon this year too, so I am safe from being a statistic in this year’s race. Yippee!

The Swissotel Vertical Marathon is on tomorrow, wishing all the best to those running the event too!

Running Mileage for the week
SP Gym 3 Grouped Sets Weight Training – Wednesday
Ulu Pandan Canal Route: 15.18km – Wednesday
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 15.15km – Friday
Total Mileage for week: 30.33km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 949.77km


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