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Kampong at BM

Let’s check out Kampong at BM restaurant with a dine-in. This establishment is a single restaurant serving a variety of cuisines ranging from Western fusion and Asian dishes. At its heart is a halal certified outlet also serving Singapore favourite Muslim mamak food with a great chill ambience to boot.

The place used to be a public swimming complex

Situated at the Sports Lifestyle Centre. The venue used to be the former Bukit Merah swimming sports complex. Notably, on a little history of the dining area and kitchen where Kampong at BM currently resides used to be a snack store which serves guests at the pool. Additionally, the open patch of grass where the outdoor seating is used to be a children’s wading pool and shower areas.

welcome to Kampong at BM
Welcome to Kampong at BM at the Sports Lifestyle hub.

Also, the place is privatised now. With the pool operated by a private swim school. Notably they appear to offer swim and aqua aerobic classes. There is also a child care, preschool and events/function venue too.

Main entrance
Pool side dining!
Dining areas

Great Asian dishes

Furthermore, Kampong at BM at its core is a lunch place. The place is known to run really attractive set meals for under $10. This range over Western, Indian and Chinese selections. There are both outdoor sheltered and air-conditioned seating.  The ambience is largely quiet and chill, especially out of the lunch and dinner peak timings.

Kampong at BM Briyani rice
At its core, Kampong at BM is a muslim food restaurant, with staples choices such as Briyani rice ($7).

Moreover, the halal-certified outlet have a wholesome selection of Muslim food choices, after all, this is their specialty. Options range from Nasik Lemak, Prata, Murtabak, all local favourites. Additionally, more filling dishes includes Briyani chicken, mutton and Nasi Ayam Peyet. However, do note that the place closes by about 9pm daily, so it’s not quite a late night mamak supper establishment, like Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop we visited previously.

Kampong at BM prata
And there is freshly made prata as well. The establishment touts to be a pioneer in the Indian bread staple.

Try their fish head curry

Furthermore, recommendations will be their fish head curry, which is great for sharing between 3-4 pax ($39.90). Also on offer are your run-of-the-mill Chinese zi-char, prepared by a Chinese chef dishing out pretty good Chinese seafood dishes.

Kampong at BM Fish head curry
Fish head curry ($39) from Kampong at BM’s extensive Chinese zi-char selection.

Also, there are fried vegetables, kang kong, as well as egg dishes to please your platter. Rice and noodles such as fried rice and mini pot noodles. I found their Crispy noodles ($6) an interesting and tasty recommendation.

Fried Kang Kong
Omelet egg
Crispy noodles

Notably, on a sidenote, Kampong at BM also offers catering services at its core. But the number of delivery food trucks bearing their creating slogan parked outside the establishment as you enter. Presumably using these kitchens here.

Fried Rice ($5)
Chinese-style Fried Rice ($5) as part of their Chinese menu selections.

Western dishes are sub-par

However, the same can’t be said for their western food. Kampong at BM offers a large selection of western dishes. Selections includes pan grilled chicken chop, chicken cutlet, dory fish and breaded fish fillet. Selections typically cost under $10 per plate, ranging from $5-7 a plate inclusive with 2 sides, or $9.90 as a western set with a drink.

Kampong at BM chicken chop
The chicken chop with salted egg yolk sauce and two sides ($6.90), $9.90 as a set.

However, their grilled dishes, especially their chicken chop is not quite there in quality. Their meats are largely dry and hard, cooked from frozen. Still, this is made up with maskings of generous sauce to go with your dish. The experience is a mixed bunch. A recommended would be egg yolk sauce. Interestingly, you also get this sauce to go with several of their other Chinese dishes too, like egg yolk rice.

Breaded Fish fillet
Breaded Fish fillet ($7.90).

Despite this, the price of their western food fair is very fairly priced. And it comes with two servings of generous sides to make up for it. Their broccoli is crunchy and fresh and best pair with their mac and cheese. A dish set with mains, two sides, and a drink sets you back under $10 ($9.90). It is really value, if you do not mind the sub-par quality of the food.

All in all, Kampong at BM at its core is great for it ambience, food variety and price point. I will recommend Kampong at BM for their Asian Chinese and Malay cuisine dishes. They are great for a small prata meal to large groups with chinese zi-char fishers for sharing. Their western dishes are a mixed bunch, just steer clear of the western dishes and you be good.


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Kampong at BM Locality Map

Sports Lifestyle Centre
3500A Bukit Merah Central,
Singapore 159838
Opening hours: 10:30am–9pm



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