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East Coast Long Beach Seafood

Big Crab Claw!

Wohoo, big fat meaty crab claw! Dinner yesterday was at East Coast Seafood area, mainly because mum & dad had a sudden urge for long-lost seafood & I guess they think I needed a good feast after my MR X-Country Nationals. Thinking about it had had been years since we came here & eat. The restaurant in question is Long beach seafood, though I grew eating mostly Jumbo Seafood, so that brand still sticks in my head.

Contrary to that almost 10 years back where we always frequent the place with our cousins for almost bi-monthly sumptuous seafood dinners, not to mention cycling around east coast & building castles on the beach on such gatherings when we were kids. Now everyone’s all grown up all busy with work & stuff, yes those were the days.

The quality of seafood was excellent, reminiscent of the seafood I grew up eating. Especially if you are craving for local delicacies such as chili crab and black pepper crab, which does set you back quite a reasonable bit as such seafood does costs a premium. The chili crab sauces are thick and bets paired with fried mini buns. The crabs themselves are meaty and worth the value. With the seafood aside, you get the usual fair of “ze-char” al-la-carte fair of chinese dishes, such as fried vegetables, noodles and hot plate meals to complete the entire dinner, all washed down with good servings of Chinese tea.


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