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Boat noodles SG Bugis Junction

Boat Noodles SG at Bugis Junction is a casual Halal-certified Thai fast dining restaurant located in the heart of the Singapore Bugis district. Let’s check out their Bugis branch with a dine-in and gastronomical experience.

Wall of Boat noodle bowls. Lets do a dine-in and check out the favorite at their Bugis Junction branch
Wall of Boat noodle bowls. Lets do a dine-in and check out the favorite at their Bugis Junction branch.

Furthermore, the Boat Noodle SG is located at the top eatery floors of Bugis Junction at the Bugis Junction curated food street. Interestingly, you can find a Sushi Express, a Mai Maison and a Mala hotpot place here too. There is not quite a food theme, up here, but rather mix mash of various Asian cuisine, not to mention a clash of various aroma coming out of each outlet.

Welcome Boat noodles Bugis Junction
Welcome Boat noodles Bugis Junction.

Tiny slurpable boat bowls

Moreover, the highlight of Thai Boat Noodles will be their tiny noodle bowls costing $1.50 per bowl. Don’t let the low price fool you as you do get what you pay for. The boat noodles are tad reminiscent of the outdoor BKK boat noodle place we visited previously at Orto in the Yishun region. Also, I found the mini bowls useful as a taster. Tad like a beer sampler but for noodles. You enjoy your meal with tabled seating on rickety worn-out wooden tables, authentic and adds to the atmosphere.

A bowl spread of different combinations of noodles and soup bases
A bowl spread of different combinations of noodles and soup bases.

Additionally, recommended soup stock flavours includes Pathumthani flavour. It is salty and sour broth infused with herbs. Ayutthaya (Rangsit), a more herb-tasting broth which is more sweet and sour. Also, if you prefer something more familiar, Kuey Chap and Tom yum be good choices too, with the latter being the spicier offering. Also, in pure Thai fashion, their soup broth is rather salty. These are best paired with sides or refreshing ice-blended drinks which I would cover later.

Have it as a taster

In addition, if you are undecided on the soup and noodle combinations to order, it is recommended to order as many permutations of each, where you can mix and match as a taster within your group. Also, the $1.50 price point allows you to try the various unique soup stocks without much commitment to a big bowl. Having said that you do not have the option to order a large bowl like the one we had at Orto Yishun.

Tiny bowls

Furthermore, do not expect to get quite going alot in your Thai Noodle Soup. The portions are very tiny- You get a single meatball, single piece of liver or a single beef slice in your selected boat condiment. You could easily gulp down your bowl at a go if you are a large eater. Then that where you realise that one, or even a few bowls is not enough for your Thai boat noodle fix.

Additionally, on noodle choices, I would recommend the glass noodles if you prefer a silky noodle. Also, you can’t go wrong with regular plain rice noodles. They are rather springy noodle and pairs well with all of the soup stocks.

Boat NoodlesBugis Phad Thai ($8.90) is tad Phad Thai done right
Boat Noodles Phad Thai ($8.90) is tad Phad Thai done right.

Try their Phad Thai and Fried chicken

Moreover, being a Thai food store, you can’t stray away from Thai Street food favourites like Phad Thai ($8.90) and extremely sweet Thai milk tea. Also, it is hard to mess up a basic Phat Thai, still, a simple fried noodle dish like so is also a good way to gauge the proficiency of the chef. I am pleased to report the Phad Thai is indeed authentic. Down to the toppings of lemon grass and crushed peanuts garnished with your meal.

Boat Noodle  Mega platter is quite a feast, with rice, and lots of fried chicken goodness ($19.90)
The Mega platter is quite a feast, with rice, and lots of fried chicken goodness ($19.90).

Additionally, if you are in a larger group, recommendations include their Boat noodle snack sampler ($19.90). It is a large platter to share comprising of fried chicken skin, wings, fried Som Tam salad and chicken meatballs.

Fried chicken Boat noodles SG Bugis
Fried chicken ($9.90) is great as a side dish and accompanies your Boat noodles.

Other recommended tidbits here include their fried chicken skin and their fried chicken plate ($9.90). As unhealthy as it sounds, it is also one of their highlight dishes sides here worth trying. It compliments your soupy main offerings.

Dining area
Fired chicken
Chicken skin

Also, their fried chicken is surprisingly a pleasant find. It I fired crispy outside yet still juicy within. Their mega platter is a great way to try this. Also, other dishes worth trying as sides includes their Bangkok Omelette rice ($9.90) if you desire more of an Asian rice-fix.

Boat noodles Bugis Omelette rice ($9.90) is a Thai staple and great for a meal for one.
The Omelette rice ($9.90) is a Thai rice staple and great for a meal for one.
Ice blended

Ice blended drinks

Wrapping up, topping their menu offerings is a selection of choice of iced blended drinks with their Thai Milk tea being the recommendations, though it is also worth trying out their other ice blended flavours like Green tea. Do expect to see long queues which are not uncommon at the restaurant especially during peak weekend period. However, the queues are fast and expect queue times of about under 20mins for 5-6 tables before you.

All in all, Boat noodles SG Bugis is not a bad place for a quick and soulful meal, with portions suited for both lunch or dinner. The food offered is rather affordable too by Singapore standards, no wonder it is quite the hit here. Definitely a place to catch your Thai food fix in the city.


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Original Boat noodles SG Bugis Locality Map

Bugis Junction,
200 Victoria St, #02-46,
Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: 11:30am– 8:30pm


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