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1.30 dim sum

1.30 dim sum is a late night supper place selling dim sum all day. The establishment is named after the standard rate prices for each of their Dim Sum items. Notably, one other popular eatery we know of flat rates would be the Sushi express we visited previously at $1.50 per plate.

The 1.30 dim sum spread for a late night supper
The 1.30 dim sum spread for a late night supper.

At it’s core, $1.30 dim sum is a 24 hour dim sum place with several branches all over Singapore. Today we are going to check out their branch at Ang Mo Kio for a late night supper dine-in.

Welcome to 1.30 dim sum
Welcome to the store front of 1.30 dim sum!

Moreover, starting off on the menu is a selection of pau buns. Also, these white steamed buns are staple of Chinese dim sum.

Ordering board
Big pao

Try their coffee pao

Notable interesting paus here includes their coffee pao (2 pieces per serving). It has a brown outer surface with a sweet creamy coffee paste filling. On top of this, you get your regular selections of meat baos (big pao), chicken paos and pork paos, on top of red bean favourites.

Coffee buns is pretty unique and a recommended item here at 1.30 dim sum
Coffee buns is pretty unique and a recommended item here at 1.30 dim sum.

However, their paos (steamed buns) are best ordered earlier in the day as most of them would be quite soggy by night fall. Additionally, in typical hawker fashion, you pay at the counter after ordering and digital payments such as grab pay are accepted.

Wrapped dumplings goodness

1.30 dim sum1.30 dim sum spinach dumplings
1.30 dim sum spinach dumplings

Dumplings are next on the list and one ought to pay more attention to. These are typically wrapped in dough skin, tad like a wanton and steamed in circular bamboo trays. These dim sum are what you should go for. Each tray comes with 3 dim sum items for the flat $1.30 price each, translating to about 40 cents per piece.

Their shrimp dumplings
Their shrimp dumplings are not bad. The skin is nice and firm and the fillings are tasty and not lacking in size.

Furthermore, next up on their menu is you can’t go wrong ordering siew mai with xiao long bao. Also, if you see hungry, filling options includes rice staple such as century egg porridge and steamed glutinous rice (Lo Mai Gai). Otherwise their large pao is a good alternative for the hungry.

1.30 dim sum siew mai, a pork staple in every dim sum offering.
1.30 dim sum siew mai, a meat staple in every dim sum offering.

In addition, their dumplings are firm, with filling flavorful. Even the wraps are done well and hold their contents without breaking. Also, while you are at it, do try their carrot cake. $1.30 gets you two slices which you can split to feed 4. Also, It is not uncommon to see steady crowds streaming in even after midnight. The place can get pretty buzzing till late and is a good alternate to late-night prata.

Glutinous rice
Shrimp dumplings
Carrot cake


All in all, $1.30 Dim Sum offers a rare affordable quality staple which is otherwise something hard to come by these days. The store being open 24 hours is a great plus point, catering to the hungry late-night crowds for their supper fix, coupled with a low price to boot.


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$1.30 Dim Sum Locality Map

Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Block 555,
Singapore 560555
Opening Hours: 24 hours


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