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4th SP E-learning Week, Indestructable Toyota Hilux

SP's Engineering Territory

Sorry I’ve not been updating lately, its always the same reasons, work work and more work to the extent of destruction. Other than that, I admit I had been buggering on YouTube for TopGear videos very often these days, so blogging was the last thing on my mind the past week. Good thing I treated myself to a relaxing long smooth jog today to relax myself, reflect and thought “hey when was the last time I actually blogged?”

The E-learning week is starting and lets just dowse the burning flame even before it starts. E-learning is always all full of shit and it’s my 4th time saying it again. If it’s not slow servers its lecturers simply just putting off what they do not need to teach to students to learn for themselves, which I can say majority of the students won’t do, copy or do just for the shake of doing and not understanding.

Interestingly, I am glad some teachers thought out of the box and actually veered off the madness to host their assignments and quizzes out off the SP blackboard server – a very good move a say. So it’s homework quizzes on quizilla/quiz-me sites which we are very similar with and interactive media video streaming teaching (something the SP blackboard will cripple and foam in the mouth in fitting glory if it tries doing) ahha, that is very cool, at least something fresh and new. Blackboard suxs, as we all know, it’s commercialized dopey 90s based simple management software installed just for the pure shake of using it and nothing else – no AJAX, no Web 2.0, primitive CMS systems, a forum which no one uses, not to mentioned yes inflexible layouts.

Well what SP is more concerned about is displaying ISO ratings and TrustSG logos on their sites rather than that of user-centered experience – wrong move. I can’t even use Firefox on all SP sites!

On the forefront, I have 1 MST (Eng Design), 1 Presentation (BPNV), 4 projects (Colours, 2 GEMS, Materials Case Study) & 3 assignments (BPNV, Eng Design, Materials) to complete by end of next week. All these just come at one shot and it’s not just any simple questions, it’s full sized assignment papers toned from semester papers for each of the 9 modules I am taking. On top of that, I have 3 Teams to manage as team manager, so it’s Micro-management to the maxes with no prisoners – knowing how easy my teammates can veer of the fine line with defines Work/Study and DOTA. Luckily I’ve out grown computer games, even my gaming computer is a full fledged workstation for school & work now.

To make matters worst, work is all accumulative to the extent I have no free time for myself. After throwing in regular training schedules and even excluding work.

I am already packed till next weekend, it’s that bad. So if ya bugging for a drink/outing/dinner/chill out sorry can’t… (which includes movies today, T&F MS lunch with Leslie tomorrow, Zoo outing next week) sorry sorry sorry.

All I can manage now is my class outing coming Monday, MY ONLY BREATHER DAY, SAD! – To chill out at the Jurong Recreational Sport Complex for a relaxing swim and fun on the slides. Reserved a table for evening dinner DimSum buffet at Dragon gate, HabourFront with the class and 2 teachers to wrap up that coming Monday… just as if I do not have any load looming on my shoulders… guess I will just let gravity take me back to reality on Tuesday then. Till then, chill and peace out dudes.

Otherwise, can’t really make it these days for the week, except those ya who told me in notice I will try desperately to make it, I promise ok?

And to end this post, my Running Mileage for the week, tomorrow will be a work day so no training:

Running Mileage for the week (7 day period)
SP Track & Field Training, 10km run, super slow 50mins- Tuesday
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training + 5km Treadmill – Thursday
20 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Saturday – 20km
Total Mileage for week = 35km (116.7% of 30km/week target met)

Notable clips of the week (Indestructible Toyota Hilux) – An old archive from Topgear I remember reading in their Magazine few years back, but didn’t really get to see the full feature on video till now. Featuring the indestructible Toyota helix pickup, put through a series of torture tests to see whether you can kill it… or not.

I remembered Jeremy clarkson once running a station wagon into a wall once and it just simply died thereafter. The helix does redefine automotive excellence, you just have to watch it to believe it for yourself. Click “Show more” to watch them.

Part I – Ran down stairs, tree rammed, drowned in the sea, drop from a crane, rammed through a hut, crushed by a caravan, whacked by wrecking ball, burned alive.

Part II – And the Finale! Demolished with a 230 foot building.

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