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National Day Observance Ceremony

Here we are at SP spankin' new stadium

:mrgreen: This week at school, I see myself scoring 100% for Mechanics Test 1 (yea! perfection!), 80% for the Autocad Assessment one & 99% for the Autocad Practical Class test one. Though I am not the highest scorer for Autocad now, I just have to give the limelight to people who rightfully earned it by grades. Though I think I am still the overall lead student.. *grins* No turning back now, gotta keep up the standard for University…

I remembered sitting down & chatting with Jeremy over lunch at food court 3 about CCA grades, & how flexible SP’s CCA grading system is compared to other polys like NYP, Nee Ann Poly etc… Doing away with the rather restricting categories such as enrichment, participation, etc… with points ceiling for each cat. & the number of total points corresponds to the respective grades: 10-25 for a B, 26-35 for a B+, 36-45 for A & 46+ for an A+. Only the top 5% of the cohort will be selected for a distinction grade. Jeremy highlighted a senior he knows who got like 40 (A grade) after year one. An amazing feat we could only eve together. But emm does he knows that I am already on an expected 46 point count by end of the first semester? & we are not even halfway through year one! Now tell me, am I evil? haha

Caught a glimpse of the Flea market going on at the plaza today. Organised by the beezi people from the bee-siness courses. They have quite a few homemade & crafted items, quite interesting Didn’t have much time to check out the goodies as we are all too involved with tests & such.

For the National Day observance ceremony!

And what other better way to end this rather busy week than to celebrate some national day cheers at the stadium? (haha yea we are bluffing ourselves again) & to enjoy the National Day Observance Ceremony. I guess the highlight are the japanese children singers who came all the way here from their home country to sing us a few choir songs, other than that the helicopter aerial display was kinda cool, didn’t know its so maneuverable. Thinking back, I almost wanted to take petrol driven remote helicopters as a hobby few years back, but turned down by the rather high costs of maintaining one.

😎 If only I were more proficient in my electric guitar, I don’t mind performing an electric piece for the concert, at the same time chalking not only CCA points by chick points too.


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