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Spent Saturday of runs

NTU Stadium

The schedule calls for a meeting at SP stadium at 10am today by the track commitee for a rather short brief & rehersal on the upcoming SP sport complex heats events on next week, Wednesday. I am appointed a track marshall so I am pretty much the witness or orderly of the 14+heats to take place on that day. Ahah authority. Coach Robin treated the whole bunch to drinks during lunch at foodcourt 3 thereafter, each got a cup of ice milo for slurps.

NTU X Campus Run Training
Only 4 from team 1 & 2 decided to stay to train at NTU, so Coach conveniently packed all of us into his tiny brand new blue Kia picanto headed towards NTU through the AYE. We did a drive-thru followed by a the actual runs. The route consist of 4 upslopes, the 3 upslope around block N1 being the real killer, but we are pretty much rewarded by the long 500m downslope which followed thereafter. The 1st part of the orientation jog saw us pacing 34mins on the 6.6km route with coach robin informing us of distances while pacing his car along with us. Just say hes very much a mobile water-point/pacer/distance tracker & a form of great amusement driving around chasing us with his little blue car. We ran another full 6.6km round before doing our standard striding, strengthening & cool down, by then its about 5pm already. In the changing rooms, we were quite amazed that NTU provides free lockers for users too, not to mention actually encouraging people to use them instead of leaving them prone to theft. We kinda completely dosed off in the train, shagged from all the training, luckily I didn’t miss my stop.

Site Updates
Look a new font size selector! In response to the comments I’ve got about difficulty some people have on reading the small fonts in my blog, I ve included a font size selector on the blog page. Please note that this only controls the size of the blog fonts & nothing else & its quote buggy at the moment.


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