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Line to the power – 1.5Mps ADSL!

1.5Mps duh!

Since the activation of my 1.5Mps ADSL line on wednesday, (haha yea not the fastest in the world though…) Got my free Homeportal1800HG gateway modem installed & a 40GB pocket harddisk from my ISP through the mail on Friday. Previously, I was paying like $58/mth on 512kps on like a expired contract which no longer exists (duh). The newer 1500kps plan was going like $57.50/mth (plus all the extras misc charges about $60/mth) not bad bheh? $2 more a month for 3 times the speed + $400 worth of free hardware & 3 free months of Singnet outdoor wireless surf.

For the 1st time on my home computers download speeds are actually in the few hundreds KB/s range. Gotta get used to that. Say a 100mb file normally won’t finish in 10mins previously, & when I promoted done, its like “Are you sure you are DONE?)

MMORPG to the power!
What can I got to do but discover my “new found powers” Went around downloading & tryin’ out some free MMORPG. Like PlaneShift – Crystal Blue & Fate the game. Fate the game is a very diablo II like game almost VERY identicial, only that its in 3D & all battles are in the stinky dungeon… bleach! Otherwise Planeshift is kinda neat, but the interface & controls sux big ass, not to mention the lack of players on Fragnetics. Being an avid player of Warcraft since WC II- Tides of darkness, I was very eager to try out World of Warcraft, in response to all my friends inviting me to join their little bitty various clans & such… Then when I told them that I don’t play WoW, then its like “erhhh ohhh…” Partly as I completely detest the pay-as-you-play subscription based system – just imagine how much Blizzard can make out of that? Unless if I can get sponsers… hehe

Remember, with these new powers come great responsibility – Petter Parker’s (Spiderman’s) Dad


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