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Singapore Frag Fest ’03

Ok guys, here comes some good stuffs, the Singapore Frag Fest ’03.
Here are the details, courtesy of Mr t3mp3st, our networking Guru.

March 21st – 23rd are the current dates for the event. They may change as much as 1 day but no more (eg, 20th – 22nd).

If you wish to be invited, read below as it is invitational only.

1) First make sure you meet these basic requirements.
– You have a PC or Laptop that you can bring to the party.
– The computer must be Network equipped
– Its recommended that windows 2000 or XP be used. Windows 98 users will be allowed but will not be supported (you will have no access to the file servers).
– You are at least 16 years of age (for legal reasons) unless a guardian is accompanying you.

2) Make sure your payment of 15 dollars is made at least 2 weeks in advance to the party. This money is for payment of the location, tables, chairs, and other basic needs such as electricity and air-conditioning.

3) Pizza will be ordered and McDonalds and Hawkers are nearby. The location will be at either the Woodlands Woodgrove or Nearby Borders bookshop @ orchard (if at orchard price will increase).

No money is required until we have declared the party 100% go (meaning 20 people or more).

There will be prizes. We may have hardware prizes, or a cash purse. Depends on the turnout and situation. We will be having a donation session towards the prize purse. There is the possibility of a raffle.

Cash Prize Currently: S$100

Games to be played
Pretty much anything goes thats multiplayer. There are no restrictions. There will only be dedicated servers for Counter-Strike and Quake III. Possibly a few other FPS’s. However all games are invited, welcomed, or what-not.

If you are interested and can meet the requirements above. Then further details will be given.
To contact t3mp3st about this event, do one of the following. They are listed in order of priority…

1. Contact t3mp3st via SGFF Forums ( http://sgac.blue-fox.net )
2. Email t3mp3st @ sgfragfest@hotmail.com
3. Or email me (Shaun) and I will PM to t3mp3st.

Please take note, that the SGFF crew takes no responsibility for hardware problems during or after the LAN party. Your equipment is your own responsibility.

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