Merry Christmas 2020 and a Happy new year! This year’s Christmas is pretty much like no other we had seen for the past decade at least. It is a muted one and rather one of solidarity and not to mention the boon of remote work.

A muted Christmas 2020

Also, looking at the festive around town, we can see minimal Christmas decorations around town, reflects this sentiment. Light ups and mall decorations being more conservative this year, to reflect the hardships in the retail sectors. Events are cancelled or kept minimal with strict crowd controls.

This year is a quiet Christmas, and one of solidarity
This year is a quiet Christmas, and one of solidarity.

An industry shakedown

Additionally, the rise of the pandemic as we know it had shaken much of the retail and hospitality sectors. But there are festive cheers still to be had. Whether it is hunkering down in your socially-distanced groups of 5 for Xmas dinners, to remote Zoom Christmas carols and fund raisers. There is still much joy to spread, whether it is at home or abroad.

Also, the same can’t be said for most of the market. Business in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors had dropped drastically. Moreover, the retail sector had seen a drastic slow down in sales, up to a dip of 90% overall as more people avoiding crowded places.

An empty sushi restaurant during the Singapore circuit breaker period
An empty sushi restaurant during the Singapore circuit breaker period.

On the contrary, the pandemic had yielded few winners too. Home furnishing, supermarkets and IT sectors had seen less than proportionate gains with the influx of working from home arrangements boosting annual sales as much as 75% on the news.

All in, with just about 5 days left in 2020 to the end of the decade, may 2021 be one of change as we see and and uphill climb from here on. Merry Christmas 2020 and a happy new year ahead!




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