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The Animals Save the Planet – Gassy Cows

Apparently these short little clips were aired on the Animal planet channel, but managed to catch all of them online, so why not share some of the funnies while I am at it. The ‘The Animals Save the Planet” comprises of many short clips (11 in total) which aims to teach the green way of life and saving the environment, in a rather comical way. My favorite will definitely have to be the Glassy umm, Gassy cows one.

“the more meat we eat, the more cows there are, producing greenhouse gases!”

Maybe that can be a reliable alternative for our methane sources, not to mention replacing jet fuel for rocket satellite launches!

There are more videos from where that came from.

Source: animalssavetheplanet.com


  1. 18% of green house gas emission is because of live stock, which is more than the emission cause by transportation. So eat vegetarian food. It will not only reduce green house gas but also you will have a diet food.

    • Yesh thats very interesting fact, but I think though despite livestock being a larger contributor to C02 levels, pollution from transportation still has a more visible direct health effect, so it tends to be more overrated. I find that it’s harder to regulate transportation pollution than livestock.

      What’s more interesting I recently read that a single dakar rally churns out more C02 per day than the entire US in that given amount of time?


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