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My 3 person project team

With all of the DME students already starting on their Final year project (FYP), my team on the DME CIE option will start ours next semester – it being a dedicated whole semester concentrating day-to-day on project work itself. My team of 4 was finalized, so was our intended project to build a compressed air-powered mini car in the light of Singapore’s Green Movement.

🙁 However, my Final Year project plans took a blow the last week, as one of my team members from Burma wanted out of the team (which we actually planned and finalised few months ago) to another because of a personal reason on his part. Not only us but even our teacher and supervisor in-charge was rather puzzled sudden and unexpected change and movement – considering that our “teammate” actually consulted the other team (which he wanted-in) and our teacher in-charge, all without my team’s knowledge.

😯 As the saying goes: “Betrayal is more painful than death” I will not tolerate any sweeping actions which compromises the team’s integrity and stability. As what he wanted, that ex-teammate left the team as he said he “desires” to be with another person, ahem… a guy on the other team (I am not making any assumptions here, but I will leave that to you), bringing my team’s total strength to 3, the smallest CIE team for a non-research based, major special project (SP) so far.

Well at least with this spade of incidents, this only made the rest of my team stronger in bonds as ultimately it’s the pure and combined effort of every single team member in which will make our project an ultimate success.

😎 Oh yes, what are we building now this FYP, it will be a 360 degree gaming motion simulator, will provide more details when the time comes!


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