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Advertlets Blog Ads Network, putting the ‘Bling’ in ‘Blogging’

You may notice that I am running a new ad campaign from Advertlets.com. Here are some highlights on what this rather interesting blog advertising network offers.


Advertlets.com is an Asian blog/weblog advertising network that offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising on user’s blogs and website that benefits the online advertising need of clients as well as the general blogger’s community together with their readers.

Bloggers get advertisements relevant to their readers, allowing readers to be better engaged and catered for, which is ultimately in line with advertiser’s interests- making every of their advertising dollar and message count.


Why I signed up with Advertlets?
I wanted to try something new and hip to advertising on my blog. New, better and original as claimed, and so as I’ve found it! Advertlets won’t disappoint!

Why I like Advertlets?

For webmasters, commendably, Advertlets always strives to be the leader in Blog Advertising is always ongoing to improve their system and network to the best in meeting bloggers and advertiser’s needs further. Their ads are lag-free as well and does not slow down the loading of webpages on the client side.

Furthermore, in the light for site visitors, the Ads displayed by Advertlets are not only small and compact but Web 2.0 compliant as well! Besides being flash ads which are attractive by nature, there is more than it meets the eye- For user convenience system, these ads allows the real-time collection of demographics and a blog widget allows for multiple survey questions within a limited space. Impressively all these can be accessed without even have to reload the page! The ads are interactive with dynamic with commenting functions together with user polls all rolled into one!

Lastly, for advertisers themselves, advertising doesn’t mean anything if it’s not targeted. Advertlets allows you the advertiser to know more about your audience, thus allowing you to hit your targeted blog visitors for the best and optimum effect for your business, promoting your product or service more effectively everyday.

How is Advertlets Compared With Other Online Advertising Services?
Advertlets allow you to start earning money to moment you put the ads on your site, unlike the competition where you will only earn when advertisers only choose to place ads on your site. This paints fairness and do not discriminate against blogs with lower traffic. Just sign up for free, jump right in and start earning some cash straight away!

What I Hope to Get From Advertlets

I hope to be better partners in advertising with Advertlets, allowing them to fully reach their target customers effectively through ad campaigns and reviews and flourish as partners. Maybe they can organize more blogger’s get-togethers or a blogger’s blogging community for us bloggers?

Suggestions On How Advertlets Can Improve Further.
Have more different ad sizes or the ability to customize ad dimensions/border colours so that it can fit more layouts and templates of different bloggers better.

Furthermore, the concept of “earning the moment the ads are up” is very good and caters to the need for bloggers with low site traffic. But realistically, it would be more ideal if they have more opportunities for bloggers alike to improve their earnings besides ads themselves (like more reviews for instance). For most beginners, the amount they earn is relatively low, I believe this will allow bloggers to be paid more using this complimentary channel as well.

In all I would strongly recommend Advertlets as your partner in blog advertising. They are really a fun bunch in advertising!


😀 With Advertlets, Advertisers make their message count. Bloggers make more money doing what they love. It all makes sense at Advertlets.com – Asia’s Better Blog Advertising Network. Join Now! with $8800 Singapore dollars going to 300 bloggers!

Note: This is a paid advertising blog post in promotion of the blog network.

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