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Dinner at Jackie Beer Garden, Lee Hup Seafood & BBQ

It had been a short weekend for me, with lots to do. With yesterday’s chores and interview aside. Got about finishing some remainder home, umm-work this Sunday, yea specifically 4 tutorials and revisions to be done for the planned week before anything gets cramped during the next hectic week. Even I’ve not been running regularly now. Saw 1/4 chores done after breakfast, 2/4 done during and after lunch outs and 3/4 done in the afternoon and 4/4 homework done on the MRT on my way to meet my parents for dinner at Changi Village. The stand is, got time – anywhere can do!

Crab Reserved Sign at Jackie Beer Garden (Changi Village)

And yup, it’s Sunday, family day & my parents and sis where out the whole day strolling round Changi beach while I was mugging at home. But with *reads from calendar* 2 tests, 2 meetings, 1 hip-hop party, 1 movie affair, 1 running event and 1 birthday party to attend in the coming 2 weeks, I did better get some workin’! what’s more, semester exams at around in 1 months time (reality check OMG!).

And yes on dinner, there was Jackie Beer Garden, Lee Hup Seafood & BBQ, one of the rather “popular” crowded seafood BBQ resturants in Changi village. It’s my second time there and the place is notorious for the long waiting times and the lack of available seating. My family “booked” a table at 4pm only to find it taken at 6.30 at dinner time – to very much of our dismay, even the staff there didn’t take much effort to find another place for us. Moreover, many of the tables there all refuse to leave, preferring to stay and chat even after paying the bills – well typical Singaporean style right?

Jackie Beer Garden, Lee Hup Seafood & BBQ (Changi Village) Dinner

My dad always just like to “walk off in this situation”, but I asserted the stand into getting the table and confronted the staff – in 2 mins we were seated at our own table. I guess for my dad there’s always the saying for him: “A hungry man is a grumpy man”.

We had a spread, yea stingray, hotplate beancurd, vegetables and the finisher, large Chilli crab plate with “mantou” buns not exceptionally wonderful, but did a good job in filling up our taste buds, or we were just hungry. I had not had such a calorie and cholesterol overload in weeks. Chilled off in the hawker center with some Ginger Tea before heading home.


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