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I was late, & yea Big Walk 2006

Ready for Big Walk 2006

Today’s track training ended at 8:45pm, very much a dismay to mum & dad who came at 7:45 at school with Sheena to fetch me to dinner. Intially my parents intended to go to the nearby hawker center opposite Ginza Plaze for dinner, a place I can only vaguely remember from my childhood kindergarden days at Clementi Woods. Anyway, yea training carried on till late, which left them waiting in the car for me for about an hour, hungry too.

You can tell from their faces – disappointed for waiting so long, though they didn’t openly express it. Everybody in the car behaved rather normally, no hard feeling but you can feel the disappointment is in the air, which gave me a very loomy feeling of guilt in the car on the way to dinner. The delay too brought about a change of dinner location plans to a hawker center near our home (in place of the planned dinner location), as most stores (or good food) won’t be available/open so late either. I guess they very much got over it during dinner, where we all joyfully pigged out to our hearts content.

I know that they did nothing to deserve this, neither would I want my family to sit waiting hungrily for me to complete my track training. I was thinking from now on, maybe I can have dinner with my team (always turn them down for dinner with my fam, choices… haiz) after training & try to go back myself thereafter if it’s too late. But that is also very dependant on the day’s training schedule which always varies so I can’t usually give an accurate time or actually know whether I will be released early for the day, also a time for my parents to pick me up after training.

A good move will be for them to have dinner before coming to pick me up, but that would be interesting though too, as everyone will be only watching me having my dinner…

Nevertheless, got my Big walk shirt & number tag today too, 39275 quite a nice number I say but otherwise quite a large number considering marathon bib no being 4 digits. The shirt is free size too, oh man it does looks big on me…

RockClimbing part II is also on tomorrow.


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