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Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

Fancy a giant car show which covers nothing but the best Japanese aftermarket parts? Come the Tokyo Auto Salon (東京オートサロン Tokyo ŌtoSaron). It is an annual mega car show that has been held for the past 37 years in Tokyo Japan. Also, it is one or the biggest annual automotive event with focus on the aftermarket parts. The event ran over the weekend of 13-15th January this year. Let’s check out the Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 in the flesh.

Garage speed rides at Tokyo Auto Salon
Garage speed rides at Tokyo Auto Salon 2017.

Moreover, the show was held on the outskirts of downtown Tokyo at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex. Also, it is situated in Chiba City, Japan. On your 45 minutes train ride journey from downtown Tokyo, you will pass by Tokyo Disneyland.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 01
Convention mall
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 02
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 74
Show board

It is conveniently served by JR lines with a station (Kaihimmakuhari) right in front of the convention hall mall. Moreover, here you can find eateries serving the convention center grounds. It is great for a quick lunch before the event entrance, which is a 10 minute walk away.

Huge halls of event

Aftermarket auto tuning is a big thing in Japan, with a sizable market to boot. And I meant, really large, like 11 halls large. The show spans 11 exhibition halls in the convention center grounds. This is a lot bigger in person as this excludes a concert hall and outdoor demo segment area.

Also, for the record, the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon has great numbers for a car show, featuring 802 vehicles, 452 exhibitors, and 3,608 booths. This show aims to beat those numbers hands down. There are interesting cars on display at every corner.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 56
Bling showcase
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 03
Tricked out rides
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 07
Quirky ones too

Moreover, the event is so large, it takes an entire day to literally touch base and check out every single booth and car, with some people taking at least 2 full days to see everything. Furthermore, in comparison, each hall here is the size of an entire hall in a typical Suntec Singapore IT show. Imagine having to go through 4 times the galleries packed brim to brim with exhibits.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 22
Aston martin booth
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 67
Tech showcase
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 68
Supercars everywhere!

Hence, it is wise to arrive early in the mornings at opening, till closing. Furthermore here, in addition to small custom tuner shops, you can find the performance tuning division of big-name manufacturers. Navigating the halls is easy, and they are all logically laid out and connected indoors without having to head out into the freezing winter.

Automakers showcase

One of the several large major Automakers showcase booths in the Auto Salon
One of the several large major Automakers showcase booths in the Auto Salon.

The Auto Salon runs three days over a January weekend starting Friday (2:00pm – 7:00pm) for premium ticket holders. Also, the weekend is where the bulk of attendees would attend from 9am to 7pm.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 66
Toyota booth
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 61
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 63
Suzuki booth

Additionally, the Tokyo Auto Salon is a major car show on the Japanese automaker calendar to showcase new and current models. Here, we see huge booths from large automakers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, and Subaru.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 62
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 25
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 65
Subaru booth

Moreover, each automaker also presents their respective tuning divisions. We have Subaru STI, Toyota TRD and Honda Racing. There is also a notable German presence with Volkswagen and Mercedes. Tuner and motor cult favorite you see plenty here include the R35 Nissan GTR, as well as the AE86.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 59
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 60
Dunlop booth
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 21
Racing gear

Technical and creativity showcase

Also, automakers also take the opportunity to showcase their technical prowess of their cars. Ranging from Technical performances, to impressive cut-outs of cars explaining the various engineering components.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 23
Cutaway tech displays
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 57
Technical showcase
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 08
Interior attention to detail

Additionally, in addition to big name automakers are small custom cars design houses, as well as after-market manufacturers. The cars here are largely enhanced and modified from stock, with great attention to detail.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 69
American muscle
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 14
Stereo systems
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 50

Furthermore, an interesting sector is the camping van corner. You can find several vans here on display and for sale too. This comprised of sleeper vans, and those with a roof tent extension.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 18
Off-road life
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 72
Got camper?
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 43
Camper group

Furthermore, if you like a break, there is also live entertainment which you can view in in the convert hall venue. Here, you can find performances from musicians around the world, talk shows hosting famous drivers, celebrities and even simulator races. The hall is also where the rare car auction takes place too.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 28
Action hall
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 41
Live concerts
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 29
Gaming runs

Booth Babes

Additionally, to go with the displays are the reowned “Booth Babes”. These ladies literally steal the show at every Auto salon. You can find them with huge crowds of cameramen snapping photos of them.

Booth Babes are a staple mainstay in Tokyo Auto Salon 2017
Booth Babes are a staple mainstay in Tokyo Auto Salon 2017.

Moreover, these show ladies who typically model for a particular car brand or store tend to have a following of fans from various other auto shows throughout the country. It is tad equivalent like high profile cosplayers in anime convention.

Car releases in style
Car releases in style.

Notably, it is not uncommon to see big groups gathering whenever these booth babes are on duty. Also, this range from new product launches or just means to get huge attendee crowds to a booth. It is highly effective.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 26
Got bear?
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 09
Party van
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 51
Yokohama booth

Aftermarket brands

Aftermarket pop culture favorites
Aftermarket pop culture car favorites.

In addition to after-market parts and manufacturers are custom shops, care manufacturers, and automotive vocational schools. Automotive businesses are the name of the name here. In addition, a large segment of Tokyo Auto Saloon is the large variety of performance and custom dress-up parts and technology displays by major Japanese automakers.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 aftermarket parts
Only the finest materials and parts here by master crafters at Tokyo Auto Salon 2017.

Also, it is not uncommon to see large displays of aftermarket modification parts here at Tokyo Auto Salon 2017. Several certified for used by OEMs themselves. Several of these parts are forged from the finest materials and are often better than the OEM parts they replace to deliver more performance.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 12
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 44
More engines!
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 20

Additionally, these components such as full chrome exhausts, engine camshafts, pistons and re-bored engine blocks are all openly displayed as the primary goods of trade. It is a spectacular sight indeed.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 04
Decked interior
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 45
Got camber?
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 24
MPV mods

Aftermarket Haven

Also, this is notably not surprising as Japan has one of the largest aftermarket market. Tokyo Auto Saloon is hosted by the Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee (NAPAC). Sadly, this form of mechanical artwork and parts market is non-existent in Singapore, given the very strict rules on car modification in the nanny state.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 47
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 42
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 53
Go under

In addition to engines is an extensive showcase section of individualism and expression. You can find cars deck out with customised interiors.

Neeeds more bling
Neeeds more bling!

Moreover, a number of show cars are also decked with utmost luxury and bodywork covered full of crystals or chrome. Also, an interesting thing is the trade on-show, where aftermarket accessories can be purchased or ordered on-site.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 13
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 05
V12 power
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 06
Merc mods

Moreover, these show car interiors are often up on display with hand-stitched precision to detail. Interestingly, you could purchase rides on display right in the show if they are available for sale. Or if need be commission the makers here to retrofit your ride in their workshop.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 17
Engine mods
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 10
Mustang mods
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 14
Stereo systems

Moreover, Interesting items includes the aftermarket exhibition showcase. Here, you can find a huge selection of Supercars. They are often tricked out beyond stock, often with rather ostentatious exteriors.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 16
That all folks
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 48
Parts seller
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 46

Furthermore, interestingly, even aftermarket car seat makers such as Bride, Sparco and Recaro seats have their display booth lined with lines of their seats for attendees to have a seat in. Notable, it is a good place to rest for moments after a long day of walking. Also,

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 55
Up garage
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 54
Bride booth
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 64

Outdoor drift segment

Watching rubber turning into smoke was never as satisfying to watch at Tokyo Auto Salon 2017
Watching rubber turning into smoke was never as satisfying to watch.

Lastly but definitely not least is the action packed outdoor drift display. It is held at the outdoor event site beside the event hall. Do turn up early for this event as it can get rather crowded and to find a good viewing point. Also, the Japanese are extremely punctual when turning up for these events, with crowds forming ahead of time.

Honda's new hot car, the NSX making its demo rounds in the drift segment
Honda’s new hot car, the NSX making its demo rounds in the drift segment.

Additionally, leading the line-up of cars in the drift event are a notable number of rear wheel drive (FR), and four wheel drive cars ranging from the new Honda NSX, McLaren 720, AMG GTs, Nissan R35 GTRs, to even a less drifty front wheel drive (FF) Golf GTI.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 36
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 39
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 38

Fun day with tires

Moreover, each car is introduced by a driver interview dialogue before the drift demo begins in the outdoor circuit. This is done with a camera crew which records and plays the event throughout the convention grounds. Also, so you can watch them from the comfort of the halls or convention dining areas if need be.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 31
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 34
AE 86
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 33
Drift rollout

Still, these performance cars are all cult favourites. With each of the car’s traction control system off, they have an uncanny ability to vaporise rubber into plumes of white smoke.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 30
Reading tire
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 35
Toyo tires
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 32
Car lineup

Furthermore, notably, the outdoor drift event site is where Tire makers such as Dunlop and Toyo tires showcasing their products, as well as being sponsor segments in the outdoor drift show. Also, here, their signs and billboard poster prominently placed on an outdoor showcase area. For this year’s edition, we have Toyo tires sponsoring the outdoor drift segment.

tokyo-auto-salon-2017 73
tokyo-auto-salon-2017 75
Cult car icon

All in all, Tokyo Auto Saloom 2017 was quite an eye-opener and definitely a petrol head motor haven. It blows you away especially visiting for the first time. If you are into cars and in Tokyo during the January period, Tokyo Auto Saloon is a highly recommended event for the displays, performance and simply just soaking into the car culture.


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