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First drive out

Its sunday morning! family day & what better than driving my family out for the morning. With my dad as my “navigator” (well I am sitting on his usual throne!) mum & sis as passengers behind. Fetched my sis for her tution class in good old jurong west & went to visit my grannys at nearby clementi thereafter. Did my first parking there. Went back to jurong & did my second vertical parking for the day where dad had a lunch snack, brought some fruits where mum went to a hardware store to get some items changed & got some yongtauhoo for lunch.

The highlight was mainly my driving what I can say is.. not bad, especially my parking- all straight & centered on the lot. Luckily for me its a rather clear morning & the carparks are relatively empty, so I more or less had all the time I had. Stalled once at a filter near JJC on my virgin drive to my first destination. I recovered immediately & didn’t caused any inconvience to anybody though, just makes me wonder bout owning an auto car. During lunchtime dad highlighted on my driving tendency for high speed turning, not to mention wide turning, otherwise I am fine & needed more experience on the road. I shoulda work on that! Finally got the hang of the car’s clutch biting point & braking level “effectiveness” by the second journey.

The main thrill was hitting 90km/h on the highway, considering I’ve never went up to the 5th gear before in bukit batok. With the exception of a gear shift stick which don’t really stand vertical when centered/neutral (why I didn’t notice that before!), unlike the new VTI honda civics I’ve used in the driving school. I was all used to my dad’s car by the time. The trip ended with me (guess I am fast becoming everyone’s driver now) driving everybody back home around noon. 😉

With that done, spent some time at home helping my sis with some scoring hints & tips on her “O”level prac exams on tomorrow. Namely on strategies & precaution points she can add into her report for bonues, the rest is up to her. Wish her all the best for the exam tomorrow.

Me having second thoughts of installing kazaa on my fresh comp, it slowed down my first. No wonder, check out this read.

Oh yea before I forget too, new artwork, “bullettime” up on the art gallery.


  1. haha practice mkes perfect dude… I guess in the meantime a fast park is a nose dive head first into the lot, esp when theres no luxury to keep adjusting/slowly reversing into the lot. 😀 Then theres always parrallel parking…


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