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Las Vegas City Nevada

Las Vegas is a city of entertainment and “Sin” in Nevada USA. It is the poster boy for everything glittery, gambling and theater. It is a city which never sleep with most of the city happenings located along a street stretch called the Strip. Let’s check out what Las Vegas City Nevada can offer, from the sights, dining, entertainment and shopping in a walk down the Las Vegas Strip.

Lets go for an exploration along the Strip
Lets go for an exploration along the Strip!

Beautiful Themed Hotels

Las Vegas probably houses one of the largest selection of themed hotels in one area. These often takes the form and shape as replicas of monuments in the world as hotels to boot.

Paris hotel and Eiffel tower lit at night. It is quite a spectacle
Paris hotel and Eiffel tower lit at night. It is quite a spectacle.

Also, these range from large complexes with multiple towering hotel blocks. They usually revolve about a unique theme which the entire hotel is based on from the malls to the hotel rooms.

The Excalibur is one of the classic themed hotels by MGM group
The Excalibur is one of the classic themed hotels by MGM group.
Luxor pyramid hotel
New York New York
Inside Luxor hotel

They are run by a couple of big players, such as the MGM, Caesars entertainment group, Sands, etc.

For example, we have recreations of New York at the New York New York hotel, and Ancient Roman palace at Casears, and even Paris at the Bally’s hotel. The strip is full out glittery outdoor spectacles.

Here we are at Casears
Here we are at Casears!
Many fountains in Casears
At the shops!
Shops row

Traditional old boys like Flamingo hotel does bring a retro feel to the strip. Also, the Mandalay Bay is a large hotel and sports arena located on the southern- most end of the Strip. It is situated near where the famous Las Vegas sign is.

Flamingo hotel and casino. One of the retro and instantly recognizable establishments
Flamingo hotel and casino. One of the retro and instantly recognizable establishments.

Humorously, you can’t get to a hotel without walking through a Casino here in Vegas. This includes lines and lines of jackpots and tables. Also, for the record, Vegas has the largest number of casinos licensees issued per establishment here.

Casinos everywhere
Casinos everywhere!

They are everywhere. It is not uncommon to find jackpots in restaurants and even gas stations.

Casinos late
Jackpots everywhere!
Luxor Lobby

Las Vegas City Nevada night light spectacle

Moreover, night time shows are a mainstay of Vegas street attractions and displays too. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino runs half and hourly fountain shows every night, which is impressive. The show is similar to the one at the Dubai mall fountain.

Excalibur at night
Luxor Night beam

Furthermore, the Mirage and Treasure Island also runs their volcano pyrotechnics eruption and pirate livery respectively, but at 1-2 time slots nightly.

Paris Eiffel tower
Luxor at night
Luxor themed lobby

A city which never sleeps

Paris hotel lit at night along the strip
Paris hotel lit at night along the strip.

Moreover Las Vegas is a city which never sleeps. The streets are still buzzing at 2am during a walkabout late in the streets. Also, notably, casinos also run special late night events and performances in the dead hours such as life stage performances and pole dancing.

Casears lobby
Casears bar
Casino room

Additionally, Casinos here all operate 24 hours daily, but with reduced staffing in the wee hours. Like all hotels in Las Vegas, you can’t never walk through a hotel without passing through a casino.

Neat shop theming
Air-conditioned shopping
Aria hotel

Notably, at every corner, there is a store open. There is indeed plenty to eat and shop here in Vegas till late.

Street musings
Paris in day
Paris arch

Besides shows, most of the hotels are themed to a unique selling proposition which makes them an outright attraction in itself. Establishments such as Paris and even old timers such as Excalibur and Luxor are works of hotel architecture art too, which looks good all day long.

Bellagio hotel in day
Hotel lobby
Bellagio casino

Thrills on the strip

If thrills are what you are up for, there is New York New York with a looping roller coaster called The Big Apple Roller Coaster. It is built right on the top of the hotel in the heart of the buzzing district. It is not uncommon to hear rider screams as the coaster runs through its course.

Circus Circus canyon blaster indoor roller coaster
Circus Circus canyon blaster indoor roller coaster.

Also, these are all operated by the MGM group. Additionally, on the far end north of the Las Vegas strip, we have Adventure dome at Circus Circus, and the tallest observation tower in America, the Stratosphere.

Circus Circus theme park is an indoor air-conditioned theme park with their fantastic indoor adventure dome theme park. Also, if high thrills are what you seek, the Stratosphere viewing observation deck by Circus Circus also has a high roller theme park which dangles you over the edge of the tower rooftop. However, do note that this northern part of town is more rowdy and not as safe as downtown.

Entertainment and Shows

David Copperfield magic show
David Copperfield magic show.

Entertainment on the Las Vegas strip comprise of a mix of theme park rides and shows. Notably, Vegas is moving away from traditional cabarets and into more mainstream and “family friend’ shows which appeals to a larger target audience. Examples includes musicals and magic shows (David Copperfield runs daily shows).

MGM grand hotel
MGM grand hotel with David Copperfield promo livery.

Theatre Productions

O performance by Cirque du Soleil
“O” performance by Cirque du Soleil.

Notable shows include Circus shows by Vegas renowned resident Circus, the Cirque du Soleil, theatre production right here in Paradise, Nevada. Here, you have 5 different choices of Cirque du Soleil with special “O”.

Magic shows
O entrance
O gallery

Additionally, recommendations includes “O” by Cirque du Soleil, and of course, the one which started it all, Mystère. In a nutshell, it is a modern take on traditional circus, compete with aerobatics and songs to entertain all ages.

Cirque du Soleil shoe
Shows along the strip
Blue man group

Additionally, long-running musical performances includes Michael Jackson ONE, Blue man group, and performances by Janet Jackson and Rod steward, have permanent performances.

There are a mix of permanent Museums attractions, like Titanic and Bodies worlds brought in by the MGM group
There are a mix of permanent Museums attractions, like Titanic and Bodies worlds brought in by the MGM group.

Other attractions includes Museums, such as permanent attractions such as Body Worlds, Titanic (Luxor) by the group. Vegas, with its large selection of convention halls is also the location of choice of several large scale conventions and conferences, such as Blackhat, Defcon and Shot show for instance.

Magic shops
Hotels on a typical day

Interestingly, Las Vegas is not quite the “Sin city” I remember. Notably, at night, still you get sales people on the streets distributing flyers and cards beckoning you to these cabarets shows. But this is largely overtaken by these mainstream magic shows and pop artist performances, which could be more lucrative and caters to a larger market.

Dining in general

Moreover, Vegas offers plenty of dining options here on the strip to suit. There is a range of dining options to suit all budgets, from the cheap to the high-roller extravagant.

Good on the affordable end of the spectrum includes Denny’s and of course fast food staples such as. On the mid- end are premium burger joints such Shake Shack (at New York New York Hotel). Notably, Shake Shack food quality and servings in Vegas is similar to like how we visited it in Singapore. Also, if casual dining is what you are after, you can’t give Cheesecake factory and Bruxie fried chicken a miss either.

Ramsey burger
Affordable diners

Additionally, Wolfgang Puck also have bar and grill restaurant which offers affordable meals for under $30 a pop. A far cry from the Premium Wolfgang menu in marina Bay sands Singapore where a dinner can cost you an upwards twice the price.

Starbucks everywhere!
Alcohol store!
Pubs and more pubs!

Also, notably, hotel buffets here are extremely popular. It is not uncommon to see snaking long queues in each hotel buffet in the early evenings.

Food to suit all budgets all night

Lastly, if plain old American fast food is what you desire, a recommendation is in-n-out burger. It is a joint also widely patronised by the locals too. The closets outlet is a walkway distance from Excalibur hotel, just across an interstate. You can’t go wrong with traditional cheeseburgers and milkshakes. The food served is pretty affordable and value for money for the offerings.

MGM park food market
Night musings
World largest gift shop

Also, there is plain old shake shack and even a food market in MGM park serving econ-premium deli meals. Moreover, on the other end of the price spectrum where a meal can cost at least $200 USD per person. If Michelin stars are what you are chasing for, Vegas will definitely serve up a platter.

Hell's Kitchen
Hell’s Kitchen

Also, for starters, we have Gordon Ramsey Hell’s kitchen. The restaurant is located right in the heart of Caesars Palace and casino. It is a restaurant notoriously well-known in culinary reality show series. We also have Mastro’s Ocean Club and Le Cirque along the strip and Top of the World restaurant at the Stratosphere to name afew.

Circus Circus
Caesars Atrium
The strip at night

Shopping on a budget

The Casears palace shops and attrium
The Casears palace shops and atrium.

There isn’t a lack of shops here, particularly high end ones which dot the various malls in each of the Casino. Caesars palace is one to visit for the sights too, with their atrium shops. Additionally, large malls here includes the Shops at Crystals and Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

Coke shop
Inside Marshalls

However, most mall shops will start to close from midnight onwards. If you are looking for cheap items and souvenirs, there are stores along the strip comprised mostly of touristy bargain shops.

Park MGM marketplace
Shop such as Ross
Inside Ross

Moreover, recommended good ones includes budget apparel chains, such as Marshall and Ross. Have large major stores right here along the strip too.

Bargain souvenir shops
M&M shop
Resort worlds new hotel

Notable new player Resorts worlds. Notably, Resort Worlds as part of the Genting group is opening Las Vega’s second largest hotel along the Vegas strip on the north end near Circus Circus hotel.

Outlet Malls

Northern outlet mall bargains, with big all year round sales
Northern outlet mall bargains, with big all year round sales.

Moreover, if you are hungry for more bargains on big American brands, Vegas has two large premium outlet malls for your needs. There is one North and other South premium outlet, with the latter offering a larger selection in an open outdoor retail mall setting.


There are also plenty to eat around the outlet malls, such as Shake Shack and Cheesecake factory. Do note that outlet malls closes earlier than typical stores in Vegas, like about 7pm.

Plenty of selections
Outdoor shopping

Getting around Vegas

Notably, Las Vegas City Nevada is hot all year round here in Nevada. Despite this, walking along the strip is the best way to see Vegas as the traffic jams here are usually a deterrent to taxis and Ubers, who prefer to take the Interstate which runs parallel to the deadlocked Strip. A good time to walk is actually at night where the lights transforms into a whole new world from day.

Mandalay bay link monorail
Mandalay bay link monorail. It connects Mandalay to Excalibur hotel.

Also, the good thing is that most of these malls and hotels are connected via link bridges. Hence you can pop in and out through air conditioned malls through your walk down the strip. Interestingly, in several of these malls, you can find rejuvenation stores. These are peculiar health spas offering water massages and even oxygen bars.

Link bridges
Oxygen bars
Water massagers

Like most American cities, transport is widely served by ride sharing operators such as Uber and Lyft. Lyft is recommended especially if you are a new user. There are coupon codes you can use to get $3 to $6 your first few trips. Also, remember to tip your driver!

Las Vegas Monorail

On the monorail! It is one of the fastest mode of travel along the strip
On the monorail! It is one of the fastest mode of travel along the strip.

Moreover, the Las Vegas Monorail is another good way to get around. If you need to transverse one end of the strip to another, and if you are not in a group which you can split a Uber fare, Las Vegas monorail is a good eco-friendly alternative.

Ticketing machines
Monorail fare prices
On the track

Also, the monorail runs inconspicuously behind buildings before popping along the strip on the North end near the stratosphere. The monorail stop here of interest is the SLS hotel north. It is a short walk away from the stratosphere tower.

Your monorail ticket for a $5 flat fee with no distance limitations
Your monorail ticket for a $5 flat fee with no distance limitations.

Also, each single Ride in air-conditioned comfort regardless of distance costs $5 per person. Unlimited 24-Hour Pass $13. Unlimited Three-Day Pass $29. It connects down south onto the strip to MGM grand.

Westgate stop north
SLS hotel north

Moreover, you pass by recognizable landmarks along the monorail route, such as the 168m tall High roller observation wheel by the The LINQ Hotel. and Westgate hotels on the northside.

High roller from monorail
By the station

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Day trips

Lastly, Vegas is also the city which you can connect to the Grand Canyon to check out the natural world wonder swept gorges. Also, there are several operators which does tours by road (bus, car) or by air (mini plane, helicopter) daily. It is a recommended attraction supplementary to your Vegas trip.

Nevada from the air
Las Vegas City Nevada from the air.

All in all, there is definitely plenty to do here in Las Vegas City Nevada, the Sin City of thrills and possibilities. Whether it is dining, entertainment, gambling or sightseeing. It is nice that the city had not lost any much of its charm, despite it offerings being pretty much the same over the decades. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Check out more photos of Vegas in the photo gallery here.



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