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Cool stuffs, roller coaster tycoon 3 & B&W II

All roller coaster sim fans rejoice!, up and coming will be Roller Coaster Tycoon 3! Check out this featured article on ign.com here.

If you were to check out the screenshots, don’ it just looks totally cool? Moreover with the lightning effects and detail to terrain. Wootie! one of the must-have upcoming games.

And another, Black & White 2. The long awaited second series brings about new challenges as a God game, a real-time strategy game, and a new edition, a city-builder game. Check out gamespy’s E3 preview on B&WII here.

Ok enough of games now (with the exception of GTA San Andreas game coming year end), Mmmm it had been almost a decade since I’ve been to Hollywood either & look, see! more new stuffs they are having overthere, *envy* *envy*. A new coaster at universal studios! Featured on the ever crazy Robb Alvey theme park review mummy the ride.

Cool ride…

*Grunts* Why don’t they have decent theme parks in Singapore…

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