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C&C3 Kanes Wrath – Tacitus interruptus brief mission walkthrough (Hard difficulty)

This mission is fairly straightforward though largely requested, so I won’t be going into too much detail on it as my previous most sought after walkthrough, The doctor vanishes due to the challenge of this mission being set on timely executions and not much on survival. So here goes, also played on hard difficulty.

You start off with your base on the Southeast, start by building at least 3 Venoms, then rush your raiders and bikes to attack the MCV before it leaves the city on the West exit, as shown on the screenshot below. There it will deploy there permanently like a sitting duck with few shatterers and zone raiders guarding it.

From here on everything is largely done easy on your pace now, build up all your defenses and strike force. Personally I prefer the use of Venoms on this mission, 3-5 squads of about 20 of them with laser capacitor upgrades will make short work or anything which comes in their way. Paired with a redeemer, you can level all the northern bases with ease. This is also on top of detonating all the base’s Tiberium veins for the bonus objective.

The main problem of this mission is getting your timings and strategies right, that is why this mission is not easy complete in a whole.

Stopping the MCV (Kanes Wrath Tacitus Interruptus mission)
Stopping the MCV
Full objective list (Kanes Wrath Tacitus Interruptus mission)
Full objective list
Full intel list you have to achieve (Kanes Wrath Tacitus Interruptus mission)
Full intel list you have to achieve

A short moment after capturing the GDI Construction yard, meteor showers will come in on the Northeast followed by a horde of Scrin attack banshees, welcome them openly with your Venoms who will take them all out with ease. For a 100% objective and Intel complete on this mission you need to play the mission a little while longer and kill some Scrin to collect more intel. Given that, do not send your MCV straight to the pickup point after capturing it. Instead send it there and wait out at the pickup point guarded by troops (as ultimately all Scrin troops will be targeting your MCV). More scrim troops will make their way in from the north east. You need to reveal a shielded harvester, kill a shard walker and reaper tripod before completing all objectives, so be patient and let them out out.

A Scrin mothership will appear on the Northwest but won’t pose any threat at all as you will be able to collect all your intel even before it can reach your MCV. You can up your score by destroying it with your Venoms too if may.

After completing the mission, a rather dramatic kane cut scene will show.


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