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Maxtrix Reloaded

Went to Le Meradian, Orchard to play Counter-Strike with my NS friends, it had been sometime since I’ve played at a lan shop too. Long before then, the impression of lan shop computers are, wow! this comp kicks ass! But now, haha no more envy- my home comp rules now! Lol! Went to monster pool for some rounds of pool before heading to heeren to get “Busted CD” at HMV, wanted to get a new dance CD, but just can’t decide on one, may be considering WKRZ Dance mix Vol2 or The Best of Ministry of Sound CDs in the near future. As I carried on my shopping spree, I was quite disappointed they are renovating the 4 floors of heeren and PK computers is closed because of that, hope they will return after the renovations….

Took a short bus trip to Greatworld Food Junction to meet the rest of my friends for dinner, had my usual chicken chop rice.. ($4.30), my fav after the japanese food store. hehe. As usual before the movies, we all take the trouble of getting lots of excess food into the cinema (3 Matrix popcon Combo sets plus an upsized McChicken meal, two large fries, lots of curry, BBQ and mayo sauce and 6 drinks all to feed all 15+ of us) all done professional style! The cinema is packed to the max but luckily we got “relatively good seats” esp on a sat evening peak period. The Matrix Reloaded is much better than the first series in terms of action and takes on from the last series, allowing us to know more about it. However, as usual we eagled eyed people can recognize computer generated scenes everywhere, quite fake you can say. The movie ended with a matrix revolution preview at the end, oh well thats december madness to come…

On Camp stuffs, BMT is almost completed officially, as I’ve already passed the 3 main objectives in the syllabus (Ippt, fieldcraft and markmanship), the only thing left is to pass the SOC (standard obstacle course), pass the final Ippt test and go thru the SIT test (Situational test) which would be a 3day, 2night “holiday” outfield, aimed primarily is gauging one’s leadership ablities and stuffs. My BMT batch will be graduating on the first week on June and whew! time really flies, before you know it, BMT is over. Oh well, will be looking forward to it too, one hurdle completed. All that matters now is that after the SIT test, things will be very much easiler and relaxed in the weeks to come.. Yea!

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