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Free Coffee! no wait! Chalet!

Free Coffee!

And free flow it was at NTUC BM, yesterday while doing grocery shopping. Haha the thing about us Singaporeans is to pounce onto anything we see free. What else the best things in the world are free right? lol aha.. ya if you wondering why am I grocery shopping again you guess that right if you’ve been following the previous posts, mom jus wants me to carry stuff home for her!.. dang!

Went for my bi-weekly 12km jog at tiong bahru park last evening, this time clocking in about 60mins on the run, breathing through my nose all the way. Currently everything looks set in progression towards the stand-chart marathon in december. Now if only I can wake up early to go for track & field training…

Its quite a fast week after the chalet late last week. Still yet to find time to put all the photos online. It was quite interesting depsite the rude fact that wild wild wet was closed for the MONTH for renovations (maybe possiblity adverting another “fantasy island style closure” & the discovery that Escape theme park is ONLY open on weekends! ARGRH! so guess it more time on the xbox, Ps2 we brought in & arcade. Mmm, mentioning arcade its thru this sudden availability of free time during the chalet where I get to try out & master the konami arcade game- Percussion Freaks & man I guess I am good! scoring A’s on the begineer level after only 2 virgin plays. heyhey! guess its another game I would see myself playing more often besides DDR haha. Anyway, feast yourself with some pictures from the chalet!

Whoa BBQ!
Whoa BBQ!
Happy Bday Andre! (waterbombs ready...)
Happy Bday Andre! (waterbombs ready…)

On a sidenote, had been trying the game 2nd-Life for about 2 weeks, & I say its quite an interactive game where we get to create stuff in game & sell them for real money! whee! there even a life exchange rate for the in-game currency, whats more joining is free now, if you are interested, just leave a comment or contact me & I will invite you to the community.

Mmmm if only I can convert the money I earn in counter-strike to real cash.. *snicker*


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