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Back to campus next week and I am allergic to school work

Brooks Life Run 10km Looping Route

The Brooks life run and NUS Legs and Paddles was on today, didn’t go for it as firstly, I didn’t register for it, secondly am not quite the best of condition now (school school school) and lastly I already ran a race yesterday.

It’s quite packed during the week in terms of tutorials, but notably and commendably is the faster speed of the blackboard during this e-learning, maybe the offset of the e-mail servers to Microsoft for the SP iChat Email system definitely lightened alot of the CPU cycles and bandwidth bottlenecks. Just when I thought the road of homework was ended, I found out that I got my exam dates wrong, I actually do not have any papers next week! But instead the “29th” of next month! bummer!

Actually felt great this morning. Went for a sun-blasted afternoon 42 lap swim at the pool before heading for lunch at the nearby market – Yong tau foo duh, yummy “health food”. Started slaving back at home on the tutorials for the rest of the afternoon. Man that felt miserable, my running nose came back and just simply started flowing. Maybe I was still hungry, cus that always happens- finished a whole box of Kellogs Frosties and the flu went off, went back into the school work, Thermodynamics Steam tables & Library books and the flu came back again. Dammit I think I am allergic to school work.

Oh yea on Darius and Elrick’s team today at the Marina Bay NUS Legs and Paddles event, heres an excerpt from them:

“came back first for the run…”
“first team in my division to capsize…”
“and lost my specs to the sg river…”
“lol it was quite a chaotic event”

They completed the doubles race anyway. Was told the first position for the 10km brooks life run is strangely a 43mins, bummer most of us can complete round that timing as well!

Millege for week this week (7 day period)
Wednesday – 30mins Continuous Swim
Wednesday – Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route (16.6km)
Friday – 45mins Continuous Swim
Saturday – Moulmein Intra-Con Road Run (5.1km)
Sunday – 70mins 42laps (2.1km Swim)
Total Running Millage for the week: 21.7km
Total Accumulative Millage for 2007: 463.94km


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