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Limp Limping Limper, Wild on Wheels, Haze

My calves area had been quite sore over the last few days, but definately much better today. Nevertheless still walking around with a slight limp, regretted forgetting not to stretch after the NIE run, now it’s like too sore to do so.

Upcoming event will be Wild on Wheels organised by the Singapore Youth for Christ (SYFC). It will be some short 5hour islandwide treasure hunt or sort where we get to communte around on Buses, MRTs and Car, sounds like fun, but at the expense of our own EZlink cards. Well till Capt-Manager-Darius actually knows anything about the organisation of the race, theres nothing much I can share at the moment. Till then it will be held this friday, during training so most prob the trio Puss, Addison, Darius and me might give it a miss.

Last Saturday’s steamboat dinner at GoldenMile was cancelled as dad had to spearhead some matters at his workplace, working till like 11.30pm so had dinner at a nearby HongKong Street Coffee Shop. The dinner was then postponed to next Saturday, not till mum got an appointment of her own that very Saturday too, postpone again? wahhaha.

The Haze is bad today man, can’t even see the distant skyline from my house, now it’s all like opaque white and distant white buildings looks blended without outlines. Bad bad… even on my way to school today see alot of pedestrians walking along roads with their hands covering their mouths, young & old alike. The sky looks kinda dark now and the weatherman promises thundery showers at night, hope the rain will clear the smog by tomorrow, otherwise it will be most training indoor at the gym.



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