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Post-NIE Director’s Relay

NIE Director's Relay - Before Flag off

The dusk-to-dawn NIE relay was on last night, man was it a grueling race, even much more demanding then a marathon, so as pf & me concluded. But nevertheless it was one of the most cohesive and fun long races ever with over 40 teams running throughout the 12hour 2.4km relay, the good competition all in the benefit for the Singapore Heart Foundation.

For SP Track & Field, our first team came in 4th and my second team tied at 8th position, both qualifying for the 150km-in-12 hours category, winning a $480 cash award each.

Our ladies team bagged $400 for coming in third overall in the all-ladies-category. In other words each of the 3 teams SP sent to compete in the race received prizes on stage. A remarkable achievement from a remarkable race.

The guest of honor & NIE Director, Prof Leo Tan spoke to us at the post-race morning breakfast reception, telling us to send his regards to our Principal, Mr Low Wong Fook, telling him on his behalf that our Principal had invested well in SP Track in Field, Prof Tan is very impressed with our performance as a whole and also as a dominant prize winner.

:mrgreen: Well, if SP actually invested in Track & Field… hope to see decent funding next year.

Post NIE Director's Relay Group Shot
Post NIE Director’s Relay Group Shot
Post Relay Breakfast
Post Relay Breakfast
Getting Giffy
Getting Giffy

Honor GrandStand – All in hand, I would like to thank the following, in no particular order:

The Runners!

Ricky on Bench

Dude, yer the people who really make the race going, if it’s not team one who always easily keep consistent pushing 9 flat and below timings, it’s team’s two’s ongoing fight for spots in the always-changing top 8 placings. Congrats especially to those in the “Golden 10 Rds & Above Club” it’s you guys who really make the team load lower by not falling out & pushing all the way till daylight.

Special Thanks to the Helpers!
Going to the most special group of people for the event, very much special thanks going to the helpers, they are the ones who really who really make the event a success and I tell you no runner will ever deny that – From adding to the carnival atmosphere, to individual lap timings, to race/runner coordination to even heart rate at the end of each lap (which always raised eyebrows from the other teams) all while staying up throughout the whole race without sleeping at all.

I really appreciate the gesture and this spirit will go on even into the alumni of track and field. Cheers to
Alex whos the big man, the team managers Samuel, Eric & Amanda for ongoing complete support throughout the race, with helpers in no particular order: Weng Fatt, KC, Xiao Han, Wei Cong, Evelyn, Jun Hui, Ruth, Meng Juan, Yin khuan, Addison, Weiwen & Joy. The heartrate people, Ramesh & Zhong Yan. Not forgetting constant logistics support and refreshing cold drinks from Leslie the man.

Taking a nap

Cheers going out to the SGrunners, to those who cheered us on at the start line and on and off during the course. Saw Sotong & Brokie not only in admin but in race too! Their with all girls team are a force to reckon with! who came in 2nd in the overall ladies category.

I recalled back then in secondary school, 2.4km was an annual affair, haha for me at least, that was before I started running in JC. Food for thought, this means the event will bring about running 10 years+ worth of 2.4km in the time span of only half a day!

This race definitely redefined limits for most of us and I guess we still do not know where is it. Knockouts on the train & reached home at 1pm only to wake up with aching at 6pm.

:lol:Can’t get these out of my head:

“10mins, warmup!”
“1 min left!”
“Come back 3mins for heart rate again!”

Feel free to leave your post-race thoughts on the event!


  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    all of u did a great job..especially when the race is not easy =) Congrates all 3 teams for winning and bagging the prizes..and not forgetting..helpers..if not for u guys..the runners will not know wat to do as well..

    helpers and runners..WELL DONE! *clap clap* and if i miss out anyone..i juz wanna say a very big Thank You for make this competition a successful and great one.. =)

    Thanks to all pple.. =) despite the injuries, being tired and some problems faced..you guys hold on and work as a TEAM! .. encouraging one another..helping one another.. that is one thing tt i have to salute u guys for..nv in my 2+ yrs in SP Track and Field that i see such a bond in the team..this event definitely allows me to know how strong our team is bonded..to the newcomers..thanks alot for your help..and welcome to this running family =)

    assigned leaders..if not for you..helpers will not know wat to do..as for the team captains..u lead ur team well and pushing the runners beyond their limits..

    Thanks once again..erm..i cant stop thanking u guys..for all the hardwork, planning, running, sacrificing ur rest..from the bottom of my heart i really want to thank all of you..

    Alex Chng
    SP Track and Field

  2. Well done guys. I am proud of u guys.

    Sorry for unable to be there, me still recovering from my surgery. Still learning how to walk on crutches.

    And to add on, both my parents are admitted in hospitals now. Haiz.

    Anyway back to topic, hope u guys keep the team spirit, and i shall join u guys when i am well again. 😛

    Your senior,
    Yoke Thye

  3. roar..haha ya well done by SP T&F man! Haha… Just a pleasure to help out in this event! This is one of the most or prolly the best event i’ve seen with loads of teamwork! We rock man! woohoo~

    p.s. haha..1 minute left! hoo! sounds so familiar hahaha


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