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Singapore Email Cash Pro

Singapore Email Cash Pro Cheque Payment

Got this referral from Alec, it had been quite the talk of the town too… lol. As usual just signed up from all the pestering haha.

This program is based in Singapore and is managed by a company situated in Kallang by the name of EastTech Pte Ltd. I was paranoid at first, but it seems legitimate and they do pay within Singapore with CHEQUES! As reported by a current member (see above blog image, though with a dinky $11 UOB cheque) . At least it beats getting long airmail payments from Google, Impression Banner ads, etc and whats more it’s completely free to sign up for now. Wahhaha so as I thought… why not just for the fun of it… Haha maybe this can pay for my regular drink in the food court or my weekend bus fares lol. Heres a scoop from their site:

Getting the right mindset for EmailCashPro.

EmailCashPro is not a money game or a fad. It’s a legitimate business model that helps members like you to get good offers, relevant market information, tips and buying guides and provide an avenue for advertisers to promote their businesses at a fraction of what they used to pay.

Our mindset is: if we have advertisers who pay us to advertise, it’s only fair that we split the advertising dollars with you.

However, please understand that we are not here to serve a bunch of money maniacs who simply want to click ads and earn money and forget about the interest of our advertisers. We are here to provide true values to you, by providing information that you’re interested, and in return, we hope that you can support our advertisers.

You can support our advertisers by becoming their customers, or by spreading their ads to your friends. After all, you’re the best person to know which of your friends will be interested in their offer, aren’t you?

If you help our advertisers to spread their ads to your friends, you’re at the same time helping yourself to build your team at EmailCashPro. If our advertisers find it a good bargain to advertise through this system, they will advertise more and you’ll earn more.

If everyone does its part, EmailCashPro will probably be the best advertising model in the world.

Earn cash reading emails IN SINGAPORE.

Source: EmailCashPro website (you can sign up from there)



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