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Next week – FYP week 7. Heads up for year end marathon

It’s raining cats and dogs here now in southern Singapore. Got about some coding for a portal together with finishing up some other miscellaneous flash presentation for another client, been busy even in the weekends. Tomorrow is Monday already, and week 7 (halfway mark) of our final project semester. Time do pass very fast!

Alexandra  Canal Park Run Sights

The evening run today is very cool and relaxing, a good thing with pacing and fitness level with just 4 weeks left to tackle the year end marathon. Despite a minor flu yesterday, everything went well for today’s planned run and things looks set for race day! My running route is exceptionally packed today, especially along Prince Charles road the cooler weather could have attracted more runners. Got about running with my usual trusty RS400sd for distance.

The wonder of a running computer is the ability to run anywhere your wish without having to plan your route. It also beats having to measure the distance later on Google earth, (which I used to do previously). The need to do so reduces the error greatly in your estimates- park connector distance markers are not always accurate, and if you cut some corners, your actual running distance won’t be the one you thought to be.

Crossed the 900km mark for runs this year too! It will be less than 2 more months to hit my target of 1000km this year and beyond!

Training & Running Mileage for the week
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training – Wednesday
Ulu Pandan Canal Route: 13.75km – Wednesday
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training – Friday
Ulu Pandan Canal Route: – 15.03km Friday
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 16.96km -Sunday
Total Mileage for week: 45.74km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 919.44km


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