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Wolf Burgers Pasarbella Suntec

Wolf Burgers is an independent hole in the wall burger shop in Pasarbella Suntec City selling really good and affordable burgers in Suntec city mall, Singapore. Also, Pasarbella is a food court style eatery offering a selection of premium selections of food options. This includes western and local selections, such as Cajun seafood in a bucket, as well as pork knuckles.

The Wolf burger first outlet at Suntec city inside the Pasarbella food court
The Wolf burger first outlet at Suntec city inside the Pasarbella food court.

Menu selections

Moreover, on menu choices, the selection at Wolf Burgers start at an affordable $9.90 for their basic beef Wolf Burger. There are also fried chicken burgers available at the same price. In all, you can’t go wrong ordering either, though it does add to the rather small variety of burgers they offer.

The burger selections, beef
The burger selections, beef “Wolf burger” and their chicken burger too.

There are 4 burgers available, with the Alpha burger being the largest and most expensive option. It is a double wolf burger which will set you back $14.90.

Also, their menu selections are simple, you have three choices to make it complete into a meal. This is usually complimented by sides of chips and milkshakes. Having said that, firstly, you need a burger choice, followed by choices of a side and a drink. Fries and drinks are completely optional.

Additionally, fries cost in the range of $4-5 a platter. You have a choice of regular or sweet potato fries. I will recommend the latter.

The renowned Wolf burger with recommended sweet potato fries
The renowned Wolf burger with recommended sweet potato fries.

Hence a typical meal here with the works will set you back about just about $20. This is still affordable and sits in the price range of foods also offered in the food court and neighborhood.

Great milkshakes

Furthermore, a recommendation is their milkshakes. Their burgers are best washed down with these signature milkshakes. Their selections all costs an affordable $6 per cup. You have a choice of Vanilla, Dark chocolate or Strawberry flavors.

I had tried similar milkshake offerings in American style eateries. Surprisingly, their offerings are tad smaller or what I would like to call “Asian sized”. I found that they are best paired complimentary with your burgers and fries.

Their heavenly milkshakes with crumby bits
Their heavenly milkshakes with crumby bits.

Moreover, counter service is excellent and the staff are friendly and approachable. Place your order at the counter. All payment modes, including nets and credit cards are accepted. A buzzer pager will be given to you which buzzes you when your burgers are done, and your order ready for collection.

You be paged to collect your burger when done using a buzzer in Pasarbella
You be paged to collect your burger when done using a buzzer in Pasarbella.

Avoid peak dining periods

Pasarbella Suntec has an industrial-like environment themeing. It has a combination of causal seating as well as high table bar seating spaced around the outlet. Seating is free and not exclusive to any particular store in the food court.

However, you will be hard pressed to find a seat in the small food court. This is exceptionally difficult during the peak weekend periods. A good time to dine will be about 6pm or from 9pm, avoiding the peak 7.30pm period.

Also, it will be good if Wolf Burgers were to open independent outlets of their own to rectify these seating woes. You will have to compete for seating with other stores in Pasarbella.

All in all, in my hunt for good burger places in Singapore, Wolf burgers is one such stall serving out affordable burgers which does not put much a strain on your pocket. You can get a basic burger for under $10. Also, their range of milkshakes, though basic is commendable and is pretty good too. The store, coupled with a centralized location makes dining, gets my pick for a quick good meal when you are in town.


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Wolf Burgers at Pasarbella Suntec
Suntec City #01-455-461 North Wing,
Suntec City,
3 Temasek Blvd, 038983
Opens daily, opening hours: 10am–10pm



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