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May 4th Starwars Festival at Gardens by the Bay

May the force (May the 4th) be with you at the Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove and The Meadow this weekend. In conjunction with the Starwars run happening this weekend on the 6th (Saturday), Gardens by the Bay and Disney are teaming up to run a line of Star War activities ranging from movie screenings, fan activities, photo opportunities with cosplay fans (and an AT-ST walker stand-in) and even lighting up the Supertrees in the supertree grove as light sabers (Saber trees) from 8pm to midnight. The beams are even visible from across the Marina Bay.

starwars gardens bay 17 06
Saber trees
starwars gardens bay 17 05
AT-ST walker
starwars gardens bay 17 04
Toy displays

Within the supertree grove, you get a number of white tent stores littered all around the attraction boundaries. This area is also where Gardens by the bay hosts their annual winter wonderland carnival stores, only that this festival charges no entrance fee. The supertree grove open grass patch is home to the silent disco, which is a modern take of blasting streamed music through wireless headphones from the DJ booth. To an onlooker not plugged-in, it looks tad unreal seeing party goers nodding their heads to a mystery beat in unison.

starwars gardens bay 17 02
Various stores
starwars gardens bay 17 01
Silent Disco
starwars gardens bay 17 03
Photo opportunities

The festival runs from 4 to 6 May 2017 (Thursday to Saturday) from 3.00pm to 11.00pm, with the garden rhapsody playing the Starwars tune all the way to the 2nd June.


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