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Snow in Cambridge! Off to Cardiff!


It snowed throughout last night, what better way there is than to spend the day before touring UK with a snowy white Christmas here in Cambridge? Whoohoo! *fluffs* It had been about 8 and 14 years (if I remember correctly) since I last played with real snow. And it feels just like the morning of Christmas like a kid again. Snow was quite an eyeopener for my course mate, Jeff, with his virgin encounter with snow, nevertheless he quickly got quite acquainted with the white fluff from another world. Had some minor snow fights, rolling snow balls, snow angels and touching up a snowman. Maybe I might raise the notch up next time with a fort fight. But hey it’s not really Christmas without the snow right?

The town really looked different decked in white. Spent much time in the afternoon exploring the town all covered in white. It gets real dangerous when the snow starts to harden, leaving a layer of thin ice on the road which is a real hazard to vehicles, particularly bicycles as well. Even walking on the pavement is really a cross-terrain challenge or speed and balance! It snowed sometime around this time of the year last year, but not so soon, so apparently the weather was quite a surprise as it was last year as well. Seems that the winters are getting colder and whiter here so as those who stay here exclaimed!

Took some cool pictures of town, including a new panorama I’ve included in my photostitch page.

sc wolfsoncollege dec09snow stitch

Saw Jeff off at the coach stop in the afternoon, pushed and helped him lock his bike at the rail station about 1.5km away for his planned return journey. He will be heading up to London to meet the gang beforehand today. Later do I know that the walk back to college is not a smooth-going as I thought! Smooth-going in a literal sense- the pavements are just too slippery to walk! And I went “Sploosh!” on a sidewalk which looked like a small puddle, but underestimated the depth (my whole shoe literally went under…). Oh yea, saw quite a number of people slipping and falling over ice on the streets today as well (tries hard not to snicker), hilarious! You can get traction by walking on the snowy pavements which will only wet your feet! Reached back with wet socks after walking 6km in total and man, it was a full leg workout alright! Like a long balancing act man, despite it being a walk. It’s almost like walking the whole distance on a balancing beam!

I will be leaving to Wales tomorrow morning through London, meeting the gang all directly tomorrow afternoon in Cardiff.

I hope I will be able to find time during my travels to sneak and update here and there, as we do get Wi-fi on the buses and trains. For now, I did better finish packing my stuff. I will be back in Cambridge after the new year!.



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