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Sleepless weekends

This blog entry will cover the last two days, as I am quite busy lately, *sighs* didn’t have time to catch any movies this week, but did had a good dinner at MK restaurants’ steamboat buffet on Saturday night. Not bad I say, very value for money at about $23 per head. And yea, the sashimi bar would always be raided as usual… *grins*

And so waking up at 10am on a Sunday did bring back some life from Friday’s massive battery drain. After afew rounds of Counter-Strike 1.6, whizzed down to Funan mall to one of my favorite stores, the Software Boutique. They are retailing Warcraft3: Frozen Trone at $49.90 with a choice of one warcraft 3 action figure or $44.90 without the figure, as these figures can easily go at about $22.90 elsewhere, generally, what else can I do but bringing Stormrage home with me.

Guess that didn’t end here. And yea, I managed to unearth the unholy power and the wonders of your parents joining you in a shopping spree- got a new Casio G-Shock watch to replace my conked out old one due to extensive training outfield and 2 Beverly hills 90210 beach shirts.

Took some “damage” over the week, but everything is largely manageable, so nothing much to worry about- Firstly with eye irritation and sore eyes after being exposed to tear gas as part of “chemical warfare training” yea… Furthermore, think I got the “damp rash” after Friday’s section live firing at Safti… as it was a very wet wet day and smooth sensitive skin *snicker* don’t go well with such damp clothing for more than 28 hours… grr itchy! If this persist on till Monday, would be reporting sick… for the first time.. whee!

Looking at the latest connecting times Singtel had sent, the Siemens SX1 is expected to be release in October this year. Oh well, wait time.

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