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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Warcraft 3

Finally managed to find some time to play Warcraft 3: Frozen Trone up to the 6th mission this morning and to update this blog too. So much time spent away from my computer and things start to get fragmented and messed up from everyday family use (and yea, do I have to be the computer admin in my family everytime…) An evident ssslowww down is strong and the comp is startin to perform desktop-wise like a pentium 3, gaming wise its still up to standard. *damn what am I sayin’!*

My psychic ablities tell me that it could possiblity be due to resource eating spy & ad wares. So what can a guy do but spend some time researching and getting this niffy software I ponked into, Ad-aware to clear them. (click on the link to access the download site)

Hey I was just lucky… 😀

And yea, how can I forget camp: several interesting stuff happened this week at camp. Reported sick on wednesday for sore eye, got isolated for 2 days, 2 nights in the sickbay… It super BORING there (taking into consideration you are fighting fit being confinded to a room) and getting your eyes saturated with medicated eyedrops for days to come….grrr. But on a bright side, heh, had as much sleep there I can ever get in a week at camp. The medics are a fun bunch to talk to too, funny chaps. Things to look forward to next week are more topo exercises and on the week-end, a 3 day “holiday nature camp”, here comes the privilege of sleeping with the dirt again…

Singnet boardband had increased their bandwidth options up to 1500kbps. The downside? you have to pay for it and its not cheap either (10.40cents/MB):

With SingNet Broadband Bandwidth-on-Demand 1500kbps, you can now download with speeds of up to 1500kbps. As a Value-Added service for SingNet Broadband subscribers (on unlimited access plans 256kbps or 512kbps Unlimited Plan), there is no monthly subscription charges to use the service. Pay for higher bandwidth only when you need it and pay as you use.


Thoughts for thoughts: Got a new kaki coloured Nautica basecap cap at suntec last night, now when would I get to wear it then?
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