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Post 2007 Poly 50

Track & Field Champions

And here we are the Poly 50 for 2007 had ended. The race is rather spaced out this year, despite having alos about 90 teams taking part. The interesting thing this year is the donation run part where few volunteers ran 50 laps single handedly with donations going in for every round completed.

The main highlight of the race have to be the main relay event which flagged off at about 4pm ending about 6pm. SP Track & Field came in champions this year at a timing of 1 hr 15mins, reclaiming the title of champions once again from the SP Dragon Boat team. Here are the results for Track and Field in this year’s Poly50 out of 89 teams.

Student Category:

Champion & Wee Kim Wee Challenge Shield – Team Zoom (T&F Team 1 1hr 15mins)
4th Position – Team Alakazoom (T&F Team 2)
15th Position – Team Chasing Planes (T&F Team 3)

Alumni Category:
2nd Postition – Team Sub 3 (T&F Alumni Team 2)
3rd Postition – Team Passion (T&F Alumni Team 1)

Track & Field Active and Alumni
The whole family
Track & Field Active, Coach & Alumni
Coach & Alumni
Senior Runners
Challenge Shield

All teams finished this year without any disqualifications, breaking the course disqualification spree which plague at least one team per year (including my team last year which finished 4th).

The Challenge Shield!

Organization was very much better this year too, with no shortage of helpers. If only they would implement the electronic chip lap counting system for this annual event, it would be much more easier and efficient on the organizer’s side.

Upon chancing the race orgainser, Jane after the race, she instantly recognized me as “hey you are the captain who protested against your team disqualification last year right?” man she remembers…. heh heh…. at least they did something to make the organisation go smoother this year and I guess it’s something they and us, can be proud of for each of our clubs today.


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