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Ngee Ann Scholarship Interview Invitation

Received my Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship interview invitation letter today. Whee! step one done, now to go through the interview. I wonder what questions will they ask? “why do you think you deserve this scholarship?” wahhh! hard!


  1. Like you, just wondering what sort of questions the people at the panel will ask. Normally roughly how many scholarship awards are they giving out annually? Care to share? My daughter has applied for the scholarship and is awaiting their reply.

    • Hi Cecilia, questions are rather general in my opinion, just tell your daughter to be herself at the panel and answer questions they have for you (can be anything of interest under the sun).

      Every year, an auditorium-full of scholars (both for poly and uni) will receive their scholarships. That’s what I’ve observed after been invited as an alumni to witness their recent presentations so far (things’ve changed since during my presentation many years back).

      So I figure the numbers are about 200 odd. Also do note that it’s a ballpark figure and scholarships numbers varies yearly depending on funds too.


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