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Got break? Go bowl!

Bowling at guild

Today is practical day & not a good day not to wear shoes & such. All our lab lessons are introductions, with our 2hr lesson slots wrapping up in 20mins & classes ending very early today. Our class, having lots of free time in our hands, decided to drop by our guild’s bowling alley for a short 3 games for $5 per person, including shoe rentals. I remembered last time when one of my Mum’s friends being an ex-SP student brought us to play here too, but it turned out the the special rates are like for only members & so.. so very much backfired. I saw his good intentions as personally, the prices here are indeed low. Its just too bad he didn’t know about the applicable rates. It was raining at campus then, wet wet wet. Half the class stayed & bowled, while some went to play pool.

Cosmic bowl

When the place was full house around lunch time, the alley uncle turned on the alley’s cosmic theming & music. Cool. I mean how many schools out there in Singapore have a bowling alley for their students? With the exception of other campus facilities such as pool & billards tables, foosball, arcade, shops, swimming pools & gym facilities. There is lots to do here man! Not to mention urmm.. politically correct proper study places to catch afternoon naps too, like the library! Lunch was at KFC, & I took advantage of the “special” $2.95 meal only to find out you get a small dinky burger which you can finish in 2 bites, a small whipped potato & a small drink. So sad, but good thing the rates here are lower.

No wonder discount coupons hadn’t be used here. I’ve applided for my CCA already, Track & Field, will touch more on that some other day. Left campus around 2pm to apply for my student EZ-link card at clementi, would be ready in 2 weeks.. haiz so in the meantime its $1.03 per journey by bus to campus.

PC show at expo will be starting tomorrow maybe dropping by there sometime end week to get a new 2GB compact flash card.

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