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Up with a fever?

Argh no thermoscan!

Urgh!! attack of the Braun Thermoscan! hack hack cough cough… man didn’t find the energy to update my blog the last few days. As man I was down like 38.9 degrees since friday. Feeling much better today. Must have overworked too much on thursday under the sun. Amazingly this is the 1st time I’ve fallen sick this year. & strangely though a fever of 38+ didn’t really make me “bed ridden” & I just carried on with usual routines (besides bloggin, sorry dudes) & stuffs, just feelin “alittle hotter” thats all! whew! *wipes sweat*

Anyway, a few updates here & there. School starts tomorrow back to the taste of campus life – sleep! (ahah joking.. if the lecturer don’t cast sleep on the students I bet they would stay awake). Besides that.. umm completed ghost master yesterday. Amazing how much can I accomplish resting at home. Sis got a new Creative Neeon Mp3 player at about $300 yesterday. Kinda neat, much better than the old Zen ones with 5GB is a size slightly bigger than the ipod shuffle, but MUCH smaller than an ipod mini 4GB. Furthermore, theres a radio built in, quite a good player overall. Now lets see what apple have to say about this…

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