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Arghh! wires, NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR gates!

Electronics, wires! wires!

I guess today’s lesson of electronics is one of the most messiest. But otherwise one of the most fullfilling as we actually get to tinkle with integrated circuits (ICs) on the breadboard (aka circuit board) & get them to work & function as we want them to be..whee! Buttons, switches, leds, lcds… So we are not far of into building our own gaming computer out of some wires, logic gates, some cardboard, glue & a cat… hehheh, but otherwise a major step towards our knowledge in electronics. Our teacher, Mr “ah kao” gave quite a few obvious hints on whats coming out for our upcoming semester test, such as this practical. Better revise more on this chapter & stuffs. Aim to score a distinctions dudes! ahahaha “all your marks are belong to me!” wahhaha *lightning strikes in background*

Track training today focuses mainly onto categorising us into our running specialties, namely on the long-distance runners. We got on a rather relaxing 5x1000m run with short rest between, much better than last tuesday’s 10x400m @ no more than 1:40 per 400m. We were pretty much scattered by last tueday’s training, furthermore if it weren’t for coach to keep roaring into campus today with his bright yellow Mitsubishi EVO & eating a packed KFC meal in front of us while training.. argh! tempations! He is not much the fat blob over there at the stadium, but he pointed out quite a few potential runners for 1500m, 4x400m & so on after heartily observing us doing our lap runs together with his Zinger burger. He saw in me being a long distance runner, able to go easily for 10,000m events without a hitch. Ok, but does this means I have to run more?

Oh yea, there are lot of events coming up for the year heres some of them:

  1. SouthWest CDC Biathlon (2 more days)
  2. West coast Youth Challenge Run
  3. New Balance Realrun (Sentosa)

Hello CCA points!


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