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My thoughts and plans so far of the Omy Singapore Blog Awards (Best design)

Well, today is the 3rd day of the voting rounds of the Singapore Blog awards, and just as how campaigning fever has subsided in the States with Obama and Hilary in alliance now (with the exception of the Anwar case going on now), campaigning fever is definitely up on my side now! I am glad I have my contacts and not to mention my website traffic to help me pull in a steady stream of voters for this voting round, to date my site is 3rd in the round!

Shaun talk 2008

But of course that means having to strike a balance between my professional side/work and casual campaigning as well, and not like bugging anybody you know just as if your life depends on it, or even mentioning or hinting to people to vote for me, even in my 1000-odd convention talks, classes or even advertising for it over the various portals and websites I run, that will be stupid.

Unlike rebellious juveniles who will simply bug anybody without a care in the world, sometimes as a grown individual, you get to see the mature side of things than disturbing close friends or acquaintances for favors which kinda gives you the uncalmy feel of being indebted to even when they help you out, but I am glad everyone I approached so far was a great help!

But mind you, not that I don’t like feeling “indebted” but very much the respect I give to my friends, after all this is just a small blog competition and it boils down to what you value more and not risk going overboard. Sometimes I feel that a little reflection of your actions can go a long way. I won’t set my standards too high and the competition can be something which I am prepared to even lose, so anything else is just a bonus.

I don’t need a laptop, neither do I need a fancy phone when I win the award, so I will be considering selling or donating them to the salvation army or to my contacts in charge of the sharity gift box, but that is of course provide if I win, so I won’t count the chickens before they are hatched.

But I will be glad to be in the competition for the thrill, kick and challenge of it, as being a marathon runner, the other sporting side of me do not have a nature to give out so easily, so if you are my competitor you can be rest assured it won’t be an easy journey for you.

In all, the thing which matters most to me in this competition is winning the “best design” category will mark more than 10 years of my commitment and dedication in building and designing websites which means alot to me. The thing which amazes me is that I am glad this 5 year old, but still rather entrancing website design is still able to see me through so far.

With that, I will still bang on the bulk of my votes coming from people who visit my website, I think I might not go wrong with the traffic I get on my site. So I will leave it to unbiased people who think that I deserve the award for my contributions to blog design and development. With that, I will feel that my votes which (possibility) make me win more meaningful, not to mention deserving. I thank all my site visitors, friends and acquaintances who vote for me, your vote will be a very meaningful one and will go a long way into the competition.

Last but not least, yup here are the link, so do vote for me! You can vote once a day.
» Shaun’s Picture instructional guide on voting! (Click for instant image) » Vote NOW!

Update (Honorable special thanks section):
My Track & Field and running group, my Poly, JC and Secondary classmates, Lecturers, TSOs. Specifics going to GamerZ and Uncle Sha for their vote and honorable mention on their blogs respectively as well. Now I am 2nd in the running!



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