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Nike+HumanRace Singapore 2008 (31st August Esplanade Bridge)

04/08/08 Hot off the oven! Race Pack Collection Details!


Date: 24th August 2008 (Sun) & 25th August 2008 (Mon)
Time: 10am to 8pm
Location: Central Square Fountain, Clarke Quay

Participants will need to present your IC/Passport/Fin Card and confirmation slip.
Reprint your confirmation slip here.

Note: If you are unable to collect your race pack in person, you may allow a representative to collect on your behalf. The friend/family member will have to present:
1) The Confirmation Slip
2) A letter of authorization signed and acknowledged

Download the letter of authorization.

The race pack is an exclusive event pack which consists of

  • Nike+ Human Race Tee (material: sphere dri-fit, based on US sizing)
  • A loaned ChampionChip device
  • A Nike+ Human Race 10 Tote Bag
  • Nike Waterbottle
  • Other goodies (To Be Updated)

Overseas Participants:
All overseas participants may collect your race pack on race day 31.8.2008. More details will be available at a later date

For Group Registration: (only applicable to participants that registered for group registration)
Group representatives will be contacted to do a group race pack collection on behalf of all the participants.

For Virtual Runners:
Come join us on race pack collection day and purchase a Nike Human Race Tee at S$35 (7% GST not included) *while stocks last! Simply produce your identification card/passport/ fin card to make your purchase!

Important Note: You CANNOT take part in the race without your tee and ChampionChip, so all participants must collect their race pack prior to the race day.

Questions and Answers:

Where and when do I pick up my Race Entitlement pack?
The Race Pack collection venue and date will be announced at a later time.

Is it mandatory to pick up my Race Entitlement pack?
Yes. The race pack includes your Nike+ Human Race Tee with a unique number printed, a ChampionChip and other goodies. Without the race tee, you will not be allowed to participate in the race.

Could someone else pick up my Race Entitlement pack on my behalf?
Yes, you may authorise someone else to collect for you but you have to complete the authorisation form found at the bottom of the confirmation slip. Your proxy will then produce the completed authorization form and his/her original IC or passport for verification upon collection.

Is it possible to collect my Race Entitlement pack on the Race Day?
No, all race entitlement packs will not be available on the day of the event.

Could I receive my Race Entitlement pack by mail?
No, we will not send out any race pack by mail. All race packs will only be given out during the stipulated race pack collection period.

Race Route
It will be largely a round the Singapore river race, very typical of the city races around the area. (Click for map lightbox popup)

Nike+ Singapore Route map

Registrations are closed!

REGISTRATION FOR SINGAPORE RACE IS FULL! No more registrations are being accepted! Sorry, why not contribute as a virtual race runner instead? Its still for charity and the same cause for the meaning of the race.

Original blog post:
Well it had been few weeks since I’ve updated on racing news, I think you won’t miss the Nike Human Race adverts running all around Singapore (and if them covering up queensway shopping isn’t loud enough). Nike+HumanRace is largely a charitable race with a good intentions, something I will greatly personally recommend to run at $25 per entry for a good cause- You can choose to run for UN Refugee Agency, Lance Armstrong Foundation or the World Wildlife fund for nature for the Singapore league and beats any overpriced $35 Mizuno Wave Run anytime.

This race gets my recommendation mainly for the price, charity part (not any commercial orientated run) and the very exceptional goodie bag items. There’s even an incentive for being the 1st 200 runners!

Without further ado, the details:

Date: 31 August 2008
Registration closing date: 9th August 2008
Race Time: 4.30pm (Afternoon race!)
Start Point: The Esplanade Bridge
End Point: The Padang

Entry Fee (Not including GST)
24 years and below as of 1st September 2008 – $25
25 years and above as of 1st September 2008 – $45

  • Runners will receive a Nike Race tee with pre-printed number bib + other goodies
  • Virtual runners can choose to buy a Nike Race tee with pre-printed number bib as well at S$35
  • 7% GST applies in all prices listed.

Do note that with regards to road and marshaling capacities, places are limited, so do register early!

Registration (online only)

  • Global registration site (click on “Join Race” then select country, join race in this country).
  • Alternatively, jump straight to the Singapore payment portal by DigiLab here.
  • Check your registration confirmation here (Using your IC number).

All fees are paid through Visa, MasterCard or at our SISTIC authorized agents (Cash/Nets).

Race Event Excerpt:

One million runners, 24 cities, 10K. Join The Nike+ Human Race, the world’s biggest one day running event. On 31 August 2008, you can run at the actual event or virtually on Nike+ anywhere in the world. The Nike+ Human Race 10K Singapore wil l be held in the city centre, with mini concerts along the race route and a music festival at the end of the race that will be staged by local and international artists and bands to help inspire you to log 10Ks you’ll never forget. Some of the bands playing include The Great Spy Experiment, Plain Sunset, Wicked Aura Batucada and DJ Ko Flow just to name a few.

Headlining the Singapore concert will be popular US rock band Boys Like Girls, which had two hits, “The Great Escape” and “Hero/Heroine” in the local charts recently.


  • School Team Challenge Cat. A (Secondary + Junior Colleges)
  • School Team Challenge Cat. B (ITE + Polytechnic + Universities)
  • Men’s & Women’s Under 25
  • Men’s & Women’s Open category

On top of these individual race categories, participants can also choose to select to represent their school in the School Team Challenge. The school in each category (School Team Challenge Cat. A or Cat. B) that has the most number of registered runners completing the Nike+ Human Race 10K under 90 minutes will win the School Team Challenge.

Group Registration
Please email nikeplushumanrace [at] nikeupdates.com.sg if you are interested to sign up, and you will get a reply within three working days.

*A minimum number of 25 people will be required
**Payment for group registration will be by cheque, payable to ‘Nike Singapore Pte Ltd’

Race Pack Entitlements
Each participant in the Nike+ Human Race 10K will receive:

  • A Nike+ Human Race Tee (material: sphere react, with a JUST DO IT at the back)
  • A loaned ChampionChip device
  • A Nike+ Human Race 10K Tote Bag
  • A Nike waterbottle
  • Other goodies

Beat that Mizuno wave run! wahahaha this race get my attendance this year for sure. Whats more, the first 200 finishers will each receive a Nike+ Human Race 10K gym sack and every Finisher will receive a Finisher’s Bracelet!

Administration Contact Information
Registration Technical Enquiries (Singapore only)
Registration Partner:
DigiLab Singapore Pte Ltd
2 Soon Wing Road #08-14
Singapore 347893

Tel: +65 6291 2019 (9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri)
Email: humanrace [at] digilab.com.sg
Nike+ Human Race 10K Event Enquires (Singapore only)
Email: nikeplushumanrace [at] nikeupdates.com.sg


    • Hey WC, heres an update of the prizes:

      Men’s & Women’s Open:
      1st – $500 cash + $500 Nike voucher + trophy
      2nd – $300 cash + $300 Nike voucher + trophy
      3rd – $200 cash + $200 Nike voucher + trophy

      Men’s & Women’s Under 25:
      1st – $500 Nike voucher
      2nd – $300 Nike voucher
      3rd – $200 Nike voucher

      School Team Challenge Cat A & Cat B:
      Each school wins $10,000 cash + $3000 Nike voucher + Team trophy + featured in post-event Nike in-store campaign

  1. heyy,i sumhow stumble here^_^
    and im interested in joining,can the registration be made by cash..i heard its at sistic,u mean all the sistics or jz some specific places?

  2. Eh hello… i need help over here. i have a female friend who’s interested in joining the race but she won’t be able to fit into the female S size which is currently the biggest left. (the other bigger size for female is finish). my question is. can SHE wear a MEN’s race tee and attend the race? i understand that a female can register with a men shirt. but is that allow?

    • If you faked your age,what happens when the organisers want to verify your particulars on the day of race pack collection and they finds out your age is incorrect?Don’t forget you have agreed to the terms & conditions on the registration site and they will have the right to not to refund your money if they were to deny your registration as part of your particulars is fake.

    • yup, umm faking your age is against the race terms, so run at your own risk. If you can’t run, you can still support the event as a virtual runner with your donations.

      Mmm, won’t think people will want to fake more on the age for the $20 bump when they turn 25? or will the system verify that based on your IC no already? Figures…

    • Marathon? ummm this is a 10km run. hehe. Anyway, you do not need your IC with you to collect your goodies. usually you will be able to so with your number tag or bib, that will be enough and they will usually mark your number tag after you’ve collected your entitlements.

      Whether you are debating to bring your IC, otherwise, I will usually recommend runners to bring such ID and details with them when running, you can slip them in your running shorts (if there are pockets, internal or external) or carry an arm band pouch with some spare cash, Mp3 player if need be or a phone. Carrying you ID may help in case of emergencies of a case when you do not fill in your personal particulars behind your number tag. That is particularly important for first time runners as well.

  3. yeah shaun can you please tell me am from kenya and am an elite athlete and i want to run in catogory of over 25 and am 21 one please can you tell me if i will accepeted cos i want to win a cash price not only voucher? please i also want to ask you about the army bay run on 24 aug how much is the price money thanks

    • Hi Tomy, nice to see a professional runner here as well!

      Registrations wise, especially if you gunning to run competitively, its the best to stick to the age group you are in. Its for your benefit as the organisers can choose to revoke your win if you faked your age, especially if you are in a situation a win within your reach, so the best is to play safe and run <25.

      This race is unlike most events with an Open category, like the Singapore Bay run where you can compete when you are over 18. So I think you are quite out of luck running in the >25 cat for the Nike+ now.

      I will update you on the Bay run prizes, Safra is migrating their site at the moment, so I don’t have the details in Hand, even their registration forms do not state prizes. In the meantime, you might want to check out more details of AHM on my blog post here.

  4. hey its me again..hmm im gathering some people to join and we are paying as a group..is gst still included?how are the people suppose to pay the gst cos the amount would be so weird?thanks. btw is it too late to sign up?heard many shirst sizes are running out.

    • Shirts are bit of the least priority now, as people are frantic for places now..

      You still have to wear the shirt to run, so expect lots of ill-fitting shirts on people on race day! :mrgreen:

  5. i just signed up today and they only got S size for men. i doubt i can fit when i usually wear a L size. anybody who finds your M or L too big can change with me?

  6. Hey i would like to know that lots of people wants to join this run cos of charity and theres a concert but is it necessary to run since we only want to attend the concert?

    • Nope you can just drop down for the free concert, the place is open for all to enjoy, even if you are not running!

      😀 When you are there, why not drop a dollar or two in the donation boxes for either of the 3 charities while you are there!

    • Hi Hazel, from some feedback I’ve got, it seems that all the slots are filled up before the actual 9th aug closing date.

      If you were to approach the organizers on this they will most probably (and will) tell you that they will have the safety and best intentions for the runners who had signed and and won’t risk over catering for the event, putting in more runners than intended will be a safety risk.

      Update: The training run slot are all full as well.

      You can still have in the event by donating to the selected charities and be a virtual race runner!

  7. In my opinion the GST should have been included in the total amount. Just charge us $27 instead of a weird amount of $26.75.:twisted: It would have been a lot easier collecting money that way. Hmm a way in which they can improve in next year.

    • haha yea, its kinda painful esp when you are collecting for a team. But it’s a usual sales tactic thou, no to include GST inside.

      Anyway what you pay goes to charity, so no complains I guess! 😀

  8. hi! i signed up a few days ago, well my friend did it for me since he has got a credit card to do so. however in the process he typed in the wrong email address. how do i go about changing it.? he also received an email by nike to allow him to change his event tee size. did you guys received it? i am trying hard to contact nike by e- mail , but so far there wasnt any reply, i dont think i can fit into S! your help is apprieciated !


    • Hey ivan, you should try calling them the next working day, say come monday at their number, it beats the email method and gets your job done faster too. There do update your particulars too if may. The shirt is Impt as you need it to run in the event.

      Their No is Tel: +65 6291 2019 (9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri)

    • Hi Tomy, sent yo the mail, the organisers of the bay run had not gotten back to me with regards to the prizes yet. Surprised it’s not published on the forms and site this year, based ont he last few year’s I think it’s $10,000 for the 1st place prize.

  9. hi shaun,
    not sure what happen, i actually reserved a spot to run on their webpage. nothing was done nor any confirmation send to our email at all. i stumble on your entry here and checked and realised that i wasn’t even registered. so sad and disappointed! was really looking forward to this run .. so angry! aniwae thanks for your post. interesting read. you have a good run.

  10. Hi, know of anyone who has signed up for the nike run but is not able to attend it due to other commitments? I would really like to run with my running partner (i have already registered) but am not able to do so as registrations are already close. If you know of anyone who would like to give up their spot, please do let me know, of course, i will reimburse the runner.

  11. hi,

    i registrated for the race and even got an email from nike to confirm my t-shirt size which i’ve replied. However, something screwed up and my registration didnt go through.
    would really like to run the nike race so if anyone cant attend, pls contact me at orangina23@yahoo.com.sg, i will reimburse the runner. Thanks

  12. hi, ill be joining as a virtual runner in the philippines. unfortunately, we dont have the nike human race shirts here. do you know where i can get one? i have a friend in singapore who is coming back to manila on the 24th. im planning to have her buy the shirt for me. thanks and more power.

  13. Hi I have sign up for the virtual race. My girlfriend got the reference number for virtual race from nike +. However, I have not receive the reference number. I will wish to get the human race tee and i know this saturday is the collection date. Is there any number i can call to enquire regarding my reference number? I called +65 6291 2019 , however they ask me to email. I had tried email before but no reply. Will greatly appreciate if someone can provide me with some guidance.


  14. Now the coloured wrist tag is something new to me, did i miss anything?
    do i get it on race day or race pack collection day?

    below extracted from the race guide.

    You are required to wear the Nike+ Human Race 10K Tee with the bib number printed on it and your coloured wrist tag to enter the race
    2 or race village. Failing to do so will result in disqualification from the race.


  15. Yeap….. i didn’t see the coloured wrist tag inside the racepack leh. There’s only one Yellow colour Livestrong wrist band. The guidebook indicate grouping according to coloured wrist tags to pens, but there isn’t a yellow colour grouping at all. Anyone can help me with this? I am not in Spore during the racepack collection. My fren picked it up for me causing great inconvenience to her. Thanks alot!!:smile:

    • I collected my race pack on the second day of collection (mon). I also didnt receive the supposed red/blue/green wrist tag. does that mean i cant participate tmr?

      I was thinking of approaching the information desk or the race pack collection booth for overseas runners, to request for a wrist tag. i’m okay with any colour…

    • If I am not wrong, there are 2 possibilities of wrist tags in the bag you’ve collected. From what I’ve got there is one yellow livestrong band and the other, a red yahoo! wrist sweat band.

      I have a strong feeling that the category tags are the wrist sweat bands.

      Sorry, if you have not collected your tag at the collection day (which I wasn’t given), the the wrist bands are to be collected on the day itself. They are paper like one time strapped bands (non-removable) similarly those found on theme parks. There will also be a race pack collection point near the baggage area if you missed your race pack collection.

      There will be no special gym bags for the top 200 runners as well.

  16. I collected my Race Pack on the first day. We were asked if we are finishing below 60mins or above 60mins, then given Blue or Green wrist tags accordingly. Those with Red wrist tags are people targetting below 45mins. The wrist tags are like those party tags you’ve seen at major events like ZoukOut, etc.

    • i don’t quite like the areas where pollution is bad, esp m.south, and shenton way etc.
      it is the same for AHM as well. bad for running esp we are breathing in more
      than what we usually did.
      other than that, yes the weather is also in our favour for the run and logistic was fine.
      it was fun indeed. looking forward to Real Run and SCSM for this year. 🙂

  17. The race wqas ok but too many people and not enough event management. After waiting nearly 35 mintues to start(2nd flag off was a joke), way too many people decided its a walk which jsut blocked the entrie route for others, even slower runners. Worst was down at finalyson st runners were everywhere and we actually stopped for about 5-7 mintues. No staff around, no direction.

    After coming back to the bridge it was ok but again too narrow running path and too many people having a Sunday walk. Organisers should not base starting position on finsihing time but on whether the competitors are running or walking. Im a really slow runner and was knocking people out of the way.(if I apss you, you are really slow)

    If you are at the 100m mark from the start and are walking, you should not be in the race.

    Water points a disaster but we just raided the station and took what you want.
    Finishing area was quite quick surprisingly.

    Not the worst race but need improvement from Nike and the organisers.

  18. hi..
    Anyone knows where can i buy the singapore nike run t-shirt? Or anyone’s interested to sell his?
    Need a men’s size L, if its in american’s, then maybe a M.

    thanx!!!! ^____^:wink:


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