Today is the IVP day 2 held at Gombak stadium, the highlight event today would have to be the 10,000m run. Darius and Alvin was in representing SP and Darius came in 4th overall and Alvin11th. I remembered my race in 2005 and it was not easy especially running in the overglare of the setting evening sun. Good thing no one came in last and it had been so for as long as I remember for the 10,000m event.

Days working in the school’s design hub took quite some time off my free time, especially this week being a critical week to get all our project purchase orders submitted in time for the project vetting next week. I initially planned to push the submission almost 2 weeks ago, but was set back but doubts our supervisor had over our design, being faced with changes and reaction from unrealistic project quotes from external fabricators to simplify our design. Nevertheless we got a final quote within our budget and a purchase order will be sent on the way. Glad our team can see this coming as it had been a very tough time pushing the orders in to be approved. Till now, I can’t provide more details on our project as it’s getting quite competitive in the gaming simulation area, just be rest assured that it will definitely be am exclusive show stopper in the upcoming Spinnovex 2008.


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