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21st Feb
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Semester Exams here I come!

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Semester Exams here I come!

Why must the dumb school place this semester’s billing period smacked where our exams are? As if we don’t have enough things on our minds already. Even it’s a good strategy to get people to pay up or get booted from the exam hall, I believe such payment matters should be best dealt at the begining of semester & not the end where time should be better spent studying & not doing payment matters at the bank!

CCA point check: 98 points accumulated so far (as in SAS) for semester 1 & 2 year 1, so that is umm 2xA merit grade? 😀

Tomorrow will be my first paper, Engineering mathematics, had been doing quite some revision & mugging on the past semester papers. Mr Eric our lecturer said that EM1 is definitely a favorite for distinctions in our class (so as he thought) & he is trying to push for a great number of distinction recommendations for us, that if we get an A grade at least. Frankly its seriously quite an easy paper as compared to ‘A’ Level Maths C. But lets not get too complacent here, however, its ultimately a distinction I want for this paper, as I guess hard work will definitely pay off. & though I personally more geared towards studying smart than studying hard, its the exam-smart strategies you have which places you apart from the rest.

All looks good for tomorrow’s paper here I come!

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