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London Olympics 2012 Olympic Park

The 2012 London Olympics is in full swing now with on-going events at multiple locations around the city of London. Lets check out the sights and sounds at the heart of the London Olympics 2012 Olympic Park and the neighboring Olympics venues such as the O2 arena, Wembley stadium and the Excel arena in the London docklands.

Olympics rings at the London 2012 Olympic Park
Olympics rings at the London 2012 Olympic Park!

The London Olympics 2012 Olympic Park

The buzzing Olympics village and stadium grounds
The buzzing Olympics village and stadium grounds.

Let’s check out the London 2012 Olympics village with a walk through. Entry to the Olympics village is inclusive of you have a ticket to any of the events held within the village. You are free to explore each of the venue point of interest at your own time before the park closes daily.

Onward Olympics park!
Many entrances in
Got mascot?

Also, due to the sheer size of the park, there are several entrances and exit points into the park. These entrances and exits are also transport hubs. This leads to train stations and bus interchanges to whisk crowds quickly in and from the venue.

Manicured flower beds by the Olympic park main stadium
Manicured flower beds by the Olympic park main stadium.

Additionally, there was plenty of public interaction and events in the UK leading up years before the Olympics. It starts with the countdown clock in front of Trafalgar Square London. It beckons you of the event unfolding right here at the park.

Aquatic center
Excel grounds

Also, notably, besides the main stadium, the Olympic Park is home to a number of Olympic competitive sporting venues. Many of them are situated within the Olympic village itself, making it a central focal point.

News coverage
Riverbank arena
Village grounds

Examples include the Aquatic center, the Riverbank where volleyball events are held and the Velodrome where indoor speed cycling events are held.

Aquatic center
Go for gold!

Parks and green spaces

Olympic Park Party lawn, with on-going performances
Olympic Park Party lawn, with on-going Singing performances.

Moreover, there are a number of green spaces in the park including a large green field with an open air outdoor amphitheater. Flower beds often dot these open gardens complete with lush carpeted grass which you can picnic on.

River within
Friendly staff

Also, you can find these green spaces on the bankside near the main Olympic stadium. In addition, there was an Indian live band group performing a song with live instruments on the lawn. It is to much delight of all park goers on my day with people from all walks gathered on the open lawn.

A sinking feeling
Village residences

Exploring Sponsor huts

Additionally, the grounds of the Olympics park are home to a number of pop up event buildings. These are courtesy of the various Olympic sponsors who set up several huts showcasing their corporate vision in the park itself.

EDF booth

For instance, Mcdonalds has a huge pop up 2 floor restaurant which you can dine-in. BP has their informatics style carbon footprint gallery, it starts with a video introduction via a surround 360 screen.

Acer hut
Samsung hut
BP gallery

This is before breaking the crowd in a museum style galleries allowing you to determine your carbon footprint and make a clean pledge. Tad interesting considering BP still being predominantly a fossil fuel company. Albeit one moving into greener fuels. Acer’s booth is tad a computer showroom and that’s just it.

The London Olympics Stadium lit at night
The London Olympics Stadium lit at night.

Hold the Olympic torch at the Beatbox

The Coca cola Beat box sponsor attraction. This is a social one
The Coca cola Beat box sponsor attraction. This is a social one.

Moreover, Coca-cola has their beat box, which is one of the better venues. The beat box is an interactive party box starting with a climb along the outer facade of the temporary building. It is decorated with a myriad of lighted red and white light bars which looks best at night.

Drink (free) cola-cola
Drink (free) cola-cola!
The Beat box
Dance floor

Also, these panels are also touch sensitive allowing you to make a sounds as you touch them. The top of the deck grants some good views of the park where you can get to hold in-hand a real Olympic torch.

Inside the Beat box
Inside the Beat box activity area and free cola!

The interior of the beat box is a mini dance club deck with lanterns offering free flow of what else, Coca-Cola.

The Olympic torch!
Drinks on house!

The main Olympic merchandise store is also located here. It is always packed full of people and queues. But fret not, you won’t really not miss out on the Olympics goods sold here. You can find the same official Olympics merchandise items sold at all the Olympics venues and authorized shops in London shopping streets. Interestingly, here too is the Olympics tower. A quick elevator ride up the top allows you to catch panoramic views of the Olympics park from above.

Official store
Looking up!

Olympics London 2012 an event by the city

Furthermore, the Olympics is also a great way to explore the other various sights in the city of London out of the Olympics village. This is as events are held in multiple locations all around the capital city.

Gymnastics at the Excel venue at the Dockside
Gymnastics at the Excel venue at the Dockside.

Also, the city of London is well connected by a world class underground metro. Furthermore, Olympic venues at various spots in the city typically are held is notable popular districts. For example, the table tennis event at the Excel sport complex.

Welcome to the Wembley stadium, where Badminton events are held
Welcome to the Wembley stadium, where Badminton events are held.

Also, the London Greenwich area is home to the horse guards parade, and the badminton event arena located at Wembley stadium.

Wembley grounds
Indoor courts

Moreover, the gymnastics event is held at the O2 Arena. Both the O2 and Excel are located right at the heart of Canary Wharf area in east London.

Gymnastics at the O2 arena Olympics venue
Gymnastics at the O2 arena Olympics venue.
Stadium lit at night

Moreover, here at the O2, you can have a ride on the London city cable car called the Emirates skyline. Operated by the transport for London, it is one of the most affordable way to see the city from above, with the alternative being the London eye.

Emirates skyline views of the eastern London dockside
Emirates skyline views of the eastern London dockside.
Skyline building
Skyline across the Thames

Check out London when ya at it

There is definitely something we can learn a thing or two when you are in London, catching Westend musicals, shopping along Oxford street on their summer sales or visiting their free world-class museums is a good start, especially around the South Kensington area with the V&A museum, Science museum and the Natural History museum with dinosaurs.

Also, do check out the Tower of London when you are at it, or take a slow walk along the Thames. Also, with the Olympics in full swing, you can’t miss all the festive running throughout the city, whether it is micro events parties to keep the spirit up in the cosmopolitan city.

That is all folks
That is all folks!

All in all, with the Olympics London 2012 spirit heating up British capital city there is no mistaking the fun and festive happening within the city and the Olympics park. Good for a day out!


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