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The fortnight dailies, a dated update!

Much had happened recently, well not only here but around the world, little bits here and there which I punched into as saved drafts into my blog but never had the justification to publish it into a dedicated blog post, so I will just lump it all up into one collective blog post. I think it’s about time the site very much needed an update.

Weird weather
Currently it’s freezing in London with much of the airports facilities not operating at full capacity. I hope things will start to warm out before my study term starts in October. Things are much of the contrary downunder with the heat wave and forest fires. I guess it goes to say with what global warming had come to us- colder winters and hotter summers. Even Singapore is having it’s driest January to date and warm March is approaching. The thing which surprised me is that generally, though not many people on the streets are seeing the consequences of global warming an immediate threat. So lets not to complacent on matter- it will be something with dire results possibly seen even within our lifetime.

Though being green starts with the individual, but I guess it’s the collective efforts by the state and community which fuels the habit on the long term basis. Or can the individual make an impression?

Pre-college administrations
And just when you never heard enough of my talking about how busy I am these days. There is quite alot of college administrative things do now as well.
I do not consider myself fortunate to have guidance on the processes of these applications, particularly related to overseas study due to the lack of experience my family and relatives have on that, except for a cousin of mine, so everything was very much done up through uninformed channels.

This includes getting my student visa done up together. Since I will be 4 years abroad doing my BA and Masters, with a possible engineering attachment in MIT on my 4th year via the Cambridge-MIT exchange scheme, I was instructed to have my passport valid for this whole period. Thankfully, I am starting to appreciate the usefulness and ease of online application facilities, let be applying for a student visa, booking a flight or even filing my IRAS taxes for the year. To think of the queues or doing it manually, especially at the Lavender Immigration Building *shudder* man, I wonder why online facilities never really caught on mainstream.

Now it’s a matter of accepting my offer and making all the needed paperwork for finance, accommodation, etc, not to mention getting those necessities. At least I will be looking forward to the shopping bit of these “chores”, particularly for winterwear, a new luggage, skype phones to call home for free (and to teach me “techie” parents how to use them), a new camera and multi-function printer for skool, not to mention purchasing a spanking new Alienware laptop before term starts.

Other ramblings
On the Singapore sporting front, the Safari Zoo run and National vertical marathon was on last Sunday. Either way, I had to give both a miss (sorry Andre and SGrunners!). As I had been rather caught up with commitments over the weekend.

Entertainment wise, the late Heath Ledger delivers brilliantly as the joker. It’s not surprising that he post humorously bagged the best supporting actor award on 66th Golden Globe Awards. He is a good actor, too bad to see him go like that.

Lastly, thanks to all who sent in their dates and amendments to the Singapore sport event list of 2009 I’ve painstaking compiled last month. I’ve got confirmed word from Nike Singapore themselves that there will be a nike human race 2009 this year, planned around August, they promised to let me in on first hand information when the details are finalised, so stay tuned!

If you have any other events you see bugged or wish to add, feel free to let me know.


  1. I reckon this blog will be far lesser updated once your studies starts.

    But its understandable. It’s really cool you going to Cambridge.

    You’re going places man!

    Bon Voyage 🙂


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