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NUS Global merit scholarship interview

Had my NUS Global Merit Interview, it is one of the 2 interviews conducted in consideration for the prestigious Global Merit (GM), undergrad (Merit) or the basic undergrad scholarships. The interview was conducted by 2 Proffs and a Dr, so it’s 3-1, the setting is very done typical meeting table style.

The interesting task of the day was finding the interview location to the Tan Chin Tuan Wing along 21 Kent Ridge Road, or the University Hall, which upon asking for directions come to know about being like a good mile away from my initial landing point in NUS- The Engineering block. That is where I come to learn of and appreciate the rather speedy and efficient shuttle bus service in the campus itself (Why don’t SP have such bus inter-campus bus services?). The interview was cool, reporting to the candidate gathering room on the second level prior to being dispatched to the 4th, the lifts there were awfully slow despite being endowed with 2 of them, but that was where I got to appreciate the architecture and the modern styling of the stairwell better too, ironically. It was only 5-10mins upon entering the building and going face to face with the interviewers, rather a rush job but at least I wasn’t late. It went well, no hiccups.

Strangely, though I didn’t applied for NTU, got an email from my school asking that they were rather interested in inviting me for a session where they can run me through their programs offered as well as the scholarships available for me, but isn’t the application period over already?


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